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    Sep 2006
    St Louis Missouri
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    Treasures in the Midwest?

    I live in Missouri and I have just started md'ing several months ago. I was given a bunch of old magazines from the 70's to early 80's. From reading stories here and doing internet research, I am having a problem. My problem is that it seems like all of the gold and buried cache stories are coming from the west coast and down in Florida. I have read a few from around here, and elsewhere, but I am having a hard time finding anything really pertaining to the midwest or Missouri. Is there anywhere that someone can direct me to, to start doing some research on lost or buried caches in the midwest, or mainly Missouri. Where is a good place to start? Any info would be appreciated!

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    Gypsyheart~ Queen of Rust

    Nov 2005
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    Re: Treasures in the Midwest?

    ............... I have been searching for All Bolinís buried treasure," he said. He then related that one of Alf Bolinís gang had told the story that Bolin had buried the gold, silver and other valuables taken in his many robberies, and that the hidden treasure was somewhere in those Fox Creek Hills. The old man was looking for a cave in the Fox Creek country. The treasure was supposed to be near this cave. The cave he was looking for is farther east than he had searched. The cave is located in the vicinity of Section 20, Township 22, Range 20 in Taney County, Missouri. Most any native hill man could have guided the old man to the cave. It is about two miles Southwest of the Old Mincy Store and Mill site which is at the end of Highway J.

    .......................... In the late 1830s looking for buried silver. Judge James H. Lay of Warsaw in Benton County wrote a history of Benton County, Missouri and in his book he told of the search for the lost silver. Some years earlier a group of Frenchman were supposed to have been going down the river with bullion and coins. They were pursued by Indians and abandoned their boats at the mouth of the Pomme de Terre and buried the silver. In later years other Frenchman came into the area with information on the burial spot and were supposed to have located guns but no silver. Tales of buried treasure in the area are still around today. A buried treasure map was published a number of years ago and Hickory County, Missouri was shown as having a buried treasure. The place where the guns were found was later to become the Henry Breshears farm where the "Bone Hole" was located. The "Bone Hole" was a spring bog with water 3 inches deep year round and a spring at the edge. Some bones supposedly sank out of sight. This is where Mr. Koch found the many bones he excavated

    Outlaw Loot at Huzzah

    About three miles out of Huzzah, Missouri is said to be a cache of stolen outlaw loot. The treasure was carried up a small hollow from Haunted Springs to a rock shelter, placed in a fox hole under the bluff and covered with rocks. At the time it was buried, the skull of a horse head was left as a marker. Huzzah, Missouri is approximately 100 miles southeast of Jefferson City, Missouri on Missouri Highway 8.

    More Spanish Treasure

    Legends abound throughout the area of Noble Hill that a cache of Spanish treasure is buried in the area somewhere. Noble Hill, is about thirteen miles north of Springfield, Missouri on Missouri Highway 13 on the Polk-Greene County line.

    Hillary Farrington Loot

    The outlaw Hillary Farrington was said to have buried a cache of loot on the Old Duram Farm at Jeona, Missouri.

    Kaffer Treasure

    A cache of gold coins known as the Kaffer Treasure is said to be buried in the area of Armstrong, Missouri. Armstrong is about forty miles northwest of Columbia, Missouri

    Sunken Treasure in the Mississippi

    In the Mississippi River that runs along the banks of St. Louis, Missouri there were several steamships that went down in the river long ago. Some of these are said to be laden with gold coins.

    Missouri Steamboat in the late 1800's, courtesy

    Library of Congress

    Independence Jewelry Heist

    Sometime around 1927, $25,000 in jewelry and gems was taken by bandits who robbed an area jewelry store. Supposedly, the bandits were said to have buried the loot at the foot of an old oak tree between two large roots about six miles east of Independence. Now, for the difficult part. If the "six miles east of Independence" was back in 1927, this could be very difficult to find today as Independence, Kansas City and other small suburbs have virtually melded into one large metropolitan city.

    Independence, Missouri in the early 1900s, courtesy Heritage Museum

    Forty Niner Gold in Missouri

    Long ago a Missouri man was said to have struck in rich in the gold hills of California. Returning to his home near Waynesville in Pulaski County, he was said to have buried $60,000 in the hills.

    Sinking Creek Mine
    A St. Louis doctor by the name of Tyrell was treating a dying man who was delirious. In his delirium, the man told the doctor of a silver mine near Sinking Creek. The next thing you know, the doctor started buying up land near the creek and built himself a house. His son, followed in his footsteps and continued the search believing that the area contained sulphite of silver. The mine was never found. Sinking Creek is in Shannon County, Missouri.

    I go a great distance,while some are considering whether they will start today or tomorrow

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    Sep 2004
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    Re: Treasures in the Midwest?

    So you want to find treasure? Where can you find treasure? Well then let me tell you one of the best ways to find treasure of gold and silver!
    Yes you can read a lot of books and mags and see where others have been looking or what others have found. But you want to find your own treasure. So I'll tell you what I think is the best ways to really get lucky. And that is to TALK TO PEOPLE!
    I know some people that have done very well doing just that. There are a lot of family history's out there and if you talk to people right, some of them will open up and point you to something good. At least give you a direction to research. I say again, Talk to people! Go to a small town or the country, maybe the person next door and let them know your hobby. You'll be surprised what you can come upon. Good Luck
    Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.

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    Jan 2007
    southern illinois
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    Re: Treasures in the Midwest?

    Read... Read.... Read.... the more you read the more you learn..... you will also find that you don;t need to go to Arizona... or Alaska or California..... to find the gold... its right here in the midwest as well... Indiana in particular has been making a real good showing.. you may want to go to midwest prospectors site just search for Midwest Prospector Happy Hunting.. MOTHER NATURE HIDES HER SECRETS VERY WELL........

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    Detecting is good for the soul!

    Dec 2006
    Phoenix, AZ
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    Re: Treasures in the Midwest?

    Monk is right on!! When I lived in Iowa, I would go down to the Harware store or the cafe and strike up a conversation, with the old timers, and come away with alot of info. And also sometimes they would invite you to their house to have a look. Good Luck and Semper FI!!
    Can you DIG IT!!!!

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    Re: Treasures in the Midwest?

    gypsyheart, You just keep amazing me! You're a real warehouse of knowledge. I take it you really enjoy reading the whole "Mystery in History" stuff. Ever thought about doing a book? I'll bet it would be a really good read.

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    Dec 2006
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    Re: Treasures in the Midwest?

    Hey GhostRider, where in Iowa are you from? I live in Clinton, between Dubuqe and Davenport if your not familiar. Good move to go to Az., little chili here today!

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    Sep 2006
    St Louis Missouri
    Garrett Ace 250

    Re: Treasures in the Midwest?

    Hey everyone...thanks for all of your info...I actually have come up with a few leads just within the last couple of days. I got these leads by TALKING to a couple of old timers that live south of me. Gypsy, as always you are there with your extensive knowledge and it is greatly appreciated. I will keep digging and post any of my finds! Semper Fi!

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    Feb 2004
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    Re: Treasures in the Midwest?

    Hey hns,

    I don't know if you are interested in this kind of hunting but the site http://www.civilwarstlouis.com/ has some historical info about the St. Louis area. Recon for good cover positions and I would focus on camps made on marches and the routes that they took. Given the rainfall there some camps and roads had to be mudholes that swallowed a lot. I regret that when I lived in Mo I didn't get out more. Good luck you are in a good place to find some history and maybe a nice yeller metal surprise.


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    Sep 2006
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    Re: Treasures in the Midwest?

    This snippit from the archives of Lost Treasure Magazine: (link only, it's copyrighted)




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