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    Photography-Photoshop Nut!

    Feb 2007
    Visalia Ca -Central Valley AKA The CROTCH of California!
    GARRET ACE 250

    Question for you folks...

    When your searching an area during the time your looking and folks walk by and ask you if you find anything... do you tell the truth?

    I had to lol a lil when I was being asked this 2 weekends ago.. I kept telling folks I was only finding pull tabs... (granted I was not pulling up much found about 5.00 in clad that weekend) I just felt kinda like lying for some odd reason... and not letting on to folks there was stuff to be found there...

    I cant be the only one who does this?

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    May 2005
    52 times

    Re: Question for you folks...


    tell them mostly pulltabs and junk.
    No lie there

    have a good un.........................
    In the academies many books, at the circus many sacks of peanuts, at the club rooms many cigar butts.

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    Apr 2006
    Easton, Pa.
    Whites XLT
    1 times
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    Re: Question for you folks...

    Thats what I say too sherm "Mostly Junk"

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    Re: Question for you folks...

    Keep one pocket or pouch for trash and one for goodies. When asked, I pull out a handful of trash and kinda laugh, like that's all I"ve found. I'm not lying to them...I'm just not telling the entire story. Besides, it's really none of their business. I don't ask them how much money they made today.

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    RVing Detectorist

    Nov 2005
    Fort Dodge Iowa & Aransas Pass Texas
    Ace 250
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    Re: Question for you folks...

    I usually answer with "I've sure had better days, but today it's just junk and a few pennies".

    Dick from IA

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    Jul 2004
    South Florida Cesspool
    Tesoro Sand Shark, Whites M6
    9944 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Question for you folks...

    I always tell them "just junk" or "mostly bottletops and pulltabs" which for the most part is true.I never tell when I find something good,which isn't too often lately anyway.

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    Jan 2007
    Garrett AT Pro Fisher F5
    8 times

    Re: Question for you folks...

    Or just pull out your pulltabs and bottlecaps and ask them "Is this any good"

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    Feb 2007
    Coventry, CT
    Minelab (2), Garrett (2), Whites (2)

    Re: Question for you folks...

    I RARELY tell the complete truth re. my finds to passers-by. ESPECIALLY if you've made a great find. Want to see your spot crawling with detectorists next time? Or someone claiming to own what you've found? (Keep the choice in your hands, whether or not you want to find an owner.)
    I will share all with a select few from my club, or a friend who doesn't detect. Mostly to all the rest, I say 'just a few coins'.
    Dave G.

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    Feb 2007
    East Central Florida WP
    Whites XLT / M6
    19 times

    Re: Question for you folks...

    It depends on how the question is asked:

    Hey, buddy, what do you get with that thing?
    I reply: A lot of exercise.

    Hey, mister, watch u doing?
    I reply: looking for buried treasure. ( Only use this one when you are ready to leave, because it turns you into the pied piper for little people)

    Finding anything?
    I reply: a few coins and lots of junk.

    Replies I have not used but would like to:

    Hey buddy, what are you doing ( at the beach)
    I reply: just clearing out the rest of the land mines.

    Find anyhing good?
    Just that old pirate chest, but we hauled it away about an hour ago, sorry you misse it.

    Happy Hunting
    Ray S ECenFL

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    Oct 2006
    White's XLT
    1104 times
    Honorable Mentions (1)

    Re: Question for you folks...

    It depends on where I am and what the circumstances are. If I am in a place where I have exclusive permission (my in-laws for example), I'll show some of the better pieces; it has opened up other venues for me. I'll downplay other places, but I won't lie. I'm always happy to show something to the extent it works to my advantage; nobody in my audience has hundreds invested in my detector.
    A gentleman farmer named Floyd
    With some of his kin was annoyed
    The boys in their youth
    Did not know the truth
    And one of his tools was destroyed



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