Looking to upgrade - need suggestions
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    Dec 2013
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    Looking to upgrade - need suggestions

    Hey Everyone! I am looking to upgrade from my current Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II to something more professional. I live in NW Wisconsin and have been metal detecting for a couple years now. I got pretty serious about detecting last year, and quickly realized that my Quick Draw II wasn't the machine for me. I am looking for something with better depth, greater sensitivity, better discrimination and pinpointing. I have been seriously considering the Garrett AT Pro but am open for other suggestions. I have been saving up all winter and have about $600 to put towards a new machine. Also worth mentioning, I am a mainframe programmer by trade, so complexity doesn't scare me. I am willing to take the time to learn the machine and not scared of opening the manual. Any suggestions on which detectors I should consider would be great, and where to buy is also greatly appreciated.

    Thanks everyone and happy detecting!

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    May 2010
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    Minelab 505 or 705, Tesoro Outlaw, Garrett AT Pro. Good luck!

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    Jul 2012
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    I really like my Teknetics Omega 8000. They are $699 new, and they compare well to a T2 but less expensive.
    Matter of fact you can find a youtube vid with Bill Ladd doing a direct comparison of these two machines if you
    have any interest.

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    Nov 2013
    Philadelphia PA
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    Unix admin here..
    From one technical person to another, you should probably go to each manufacture website and gather the data on the units in your price range. Look at the options they offer, and the accessories they have available (additional coils etc)
    Then after you narrow it down to 2 or 3 start searching this forum and the others for problems with said units. If none found, start looking at the "I love my bla bla bla"
    If you can get to a brick and mortar store that has a large selection, even if a few hundred mile drive, do so. I have seen posts about poor balance and weight issues on several of the models you would be considering. I don't have any experience with these models but from what I have read it is a personal thing.. some guys had all the units and ended up going back to what one would think was a lesser unit because he liked the way it worked better.. They all go 8" or more on a coin even my $399 CM GT.. just depends on how you hunt and what you like.. Lots of complicated programming does not make the MD find more stuff, just MAYBE gets it to ignore certain stuff more accurately.. i.e. you don't hear any tones till you swing over what you are primarily looking for so you don't spend all your time digging.. you spend it swinging.. (weight becomes more of an issue) That sounds great at first (or it did to me) then I kind of felt.. what am i missing.. what if there is an iron target that I don't hear and it is the lid to a jar full of coin. The MD can not see the coin for the the lid.. .. Needless to say, I don't discriminate any more.. just listen to it all.. Take suggestions from others with salt .. the ones that are useful are the guys that have owned all of them.. and been doing this for years.. just be careful of the habitual upgraders.. never really learning the machines.. just upgrading every 6 months or year..
    Good luck on your choice. I did not do what I am suggesting you do, I am happy with my MD but wish I had taken a day trip to the closest MD store that stocks and sells everything.

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    Feb 2014
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    I did a lot of research before I updated from my garret coin hunter and I decided that for MY type of hunting the Garret AT PRO was the only choice. It's a litttle pricey but I like to snorkle and the at pro is submersible to 10 ft...I'm sure I can take it to 20 since the pressure does not change untill I hit the next atmospher of pressure at 33ft. So if you plan on hitting your local swim areas or lakes invest in the at pro...a lot of rings in those swim holes.
    Good luck

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    Nov 2011
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    Hi Zippy 2005; Then The Fisher F75

    is just the one you want. It's a killer in the field. You can also buy a good used Whites DFX for about $600. They were $1200 new ok. With the Whites you will "never" need a new land detector for the rest of your life ok. I know. I've used both of them and still do. Plus you can't beat the Warranties ok. PEACE:RONB



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