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    Feb 2007
    powhatan, VA just outside of richmond
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    taking a metal detector on a plane?

    hey all,

    I was planning on flying soon with a new detector . I generally have a rule of carrying on anything that i wouldn't want to get lost/damaged, so the detector fits in that category.

    Has anyone carried on a broken down detector? have any issues going through security?

    I feel bad for even having to ask.......but I tend to get singled out at airports due to my appearance (long hair, "hippy-looking", etc.....) and want to gauge how much trouble it will be.


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    Wolf lover

    Dec 2006
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    Re: taking a metal detector on a plane?

    You might want to review this post: http://forum.treasurenet.com/index.p...c,72461.0.html

    I've put mine through normal baggage - but well protected. Don't know if they would give you hassle about taking it on the plane. Suggest you call TSA or someone who has experience with it before trying it...

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    Feb 2007
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    Re: taking a metal detector on a plane?

    I've taken mine on the plane, security people see em all the time, no problem!
    I broke it down and had it in a carry on sports bag.
    HH John

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    Director-Search & Recovery Team of Oakland County.

    Aug 2005
    In Michigan now.
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    Re: taking a metal detector on a plane?

    Yes, checking with the airlines you are going to fly with is a good idea as rules change. I always carried mine aboard in a bag till I bought a used motor home for travel and sleeping mainly because I don't have a lot of extra money for travel and hotels. At least it was easy and fun that way.
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    Re: taking a metal detector on a plane?

    That looks cool, how will you cut the foam and where would you find the pelican case?

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    Aug 2006
    Concord MA
    ACE 250
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    Re: taking a metal detector on a plane?

    Two weeks ago while flying back from Seattle I ended up carrying-on my Ace250 that was packed into my overstuffed luggage.

    I had planned on checking the luggage but flights were delayed in Chicago and I was expecting to have to overnight there, so I had to carry-on my luggage so that I would have it available for the night.

    No problem going through security with a metal detector in my carry-on luggage. As I was putting it through the machine I told the operator that there was a metal detector in there and they didn't check it out any further than scanning it with the xray machine.

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    Aug 2006
    The hills of central Kentucky
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    Re: taking a metal detector on a plane?

    I have flown with my MD several times,once in the last few months. Carried it on everytime,broke it down all the way and left batteries in the box in case they want to turn it on,I do pack my metal shaft in a checked bag. Never had any trouble in or out of the country. I would be very hesitant to check in a MD especially if you have an expensive unit,airlines will not insure any electronics and the maximum amount any bag can be insured for is $150.00,HH...Shoot

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    Feb 2007
    Please don't yell !
    8 times

    Re: taking a metal detector on a plane?

    I travel alot to multiple homes, right after 9-1-1, I decided the best policy was to ship ahead Via UPS insured. Worst problem I've ever encountered was sometimes MD arrived before me !
    Darn airlines

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    Jan 2007
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    Re: taking a metal detector on a plane?

    if you carry one on does it go through the xray machine?
    I would think it could harm your electronics

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    Dec 2004

    Re: taking a metal detector on a plane?

    I went to Indiana for the thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday from Florida last season. While I didn't take my MD, I did ask the TSA people about taking it and they told me that there was no restriction. That was good news of course. As fast as those restrictions change these days, it would probably be wise to check with those folks(TSA's) before traveling. I'm not certain how to contact them though. If any of you know--pass it on to the rest of us!

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    Feb 2005

    Re: taking a metal detector on a plane?

    A metal detector shouldn't be a problem. Often, security asks that electronic equipment be turned on, but only occasionally. If the aircraft is very full, an in-flight might ask that it be checked "special handling" which means they stow it under the aircraft but hand deliver it to you at the jet way upon landing. I would just take it and not worry.



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