Suggest a good metal detector under $300?
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    Apr 2014
    Fisher M Scope 1225X
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    Suggest a good metal detector under $300?

    I tried my Fisher M Scope 1225x out again today in my backyard only to find more nails and very rusty metals.
    I put both a gold ring and a nail one after the other under my metal detector and it made the same exact noise I thought each metal made a unique beep?

    Anywho, Call me lazy but I'd like to buy a metal detector where I can somewhat tell what is under the dirt before I dig. It's hard work digging through tons of big rocks to find a few nails. I'd be really happy to find a wheat penny or any kind of coin though.

    & Anyone know what I can get for my Fisher M scope with shark headphones?

    Thank you

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    Mar 2014
    salem or
    Whites XLT-Ace 150
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    Kellyco has a Tesoro SilverUMax for 254.00. Plus a lifetime warranty. That's about as far as I can go. Later Clyde

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    Georgia Red

    Mar 2013
    Valdosta, GA
    Garrett ATPro- 8.5x11, 5x8, CORS Fotune 5.5x9.5 Tesoro Silver microMax- 8 donut, 8x11 RSD, 3x18 Cleansweep Minelab Excalibur ll- 10" Tornado Minelab CTX 3030 Minelab Xterra 305
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    The Teknetics Eurotek Pro with 11" DD coil is the best machine in the $300 range made hands down. It has adjustable iron audio and very good multiple tones, fast recovery speed, very lightweight, and 5 year warranty.
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    Apr 2014
    Fisher M Scope 1225X
    1 times
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys! I'm going to look them both up.

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    Apr 2012
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    The bottom of this forum there will be a list of all 50 states. Click Maryland and ask what type of detectors are being used in your area. Every area in this country the soil conditions are different and by asking about your area you should be in luck....

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    Dec 2013
    Central Penna
    copper dowsing rod and a smaller 1 for a pinpointer.
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    Contrary to popular opinion Bounty Hunter makes good machines too. It's all in learning what your machine is telling you. BH uses multiple tones too. They are sold in some BOX stores like Wal-Mart. Check Wal-Mart web site. Dealers despise that. IMHO

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    Brian Little

    Apr 2013
    Hardy, Nebraska
    Teknetics Eurotek Pro, Fisher F2, Garrett Ace 250 Teknetics Delta4000
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    Eurotek Pro for sure.



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