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    Quote Originally Posted by Msbeepbeep View Post
    .... The reason that was stated to me when all this started was the DCR in Mass. wanted to ......
    msbeepbeep, so are you going to change the title to the thread, so that this rumor will die ?

    As for your explanation of why you started the original post, I can understand how ..... following enough dots .... someone could think "oh no, this will mean no more beaches". And so, you "sounded the alarm". But this is where it gets tricky, because unless someone (rank & file rangers, etc...) ever cared to "connect those dots", it might never have amounted to anything. And by forming solidarities to "seek clarifications", etc.... It might have simply brought the very scrutiny we DIDN'T want.

    Let me give you an example: SO TOO in the state of CA, does our park dept. have "cultural heritage" verbiage. And SO TOO, if you follow-enough-dots, you would arrive at word definitions (of "artifact", etc...) to be "50 yrs", blah blah. As to whether or not this was a result of trying to be in-line with NPS wording, I don't know. But that's a moot point. The POINT that remains, is that someone taking a technical reading of CA state parks verbiage (existing no less, not just "proposed"), might conclude that md'ing is not allowed. Because (gasp) you "might find a 50 yr. old coin" .

    But strangely, you can detect CA state beaches till your blue in the face. And it's the EXACT SAME PARK'S DEPT. that administers the inland parks. So *technically*, there would be no reason why the same rules wouldn't apply to the ocean beaches they administer, as well. Hmmm.

    So what do you think would happen, if someone(s) "raised the alarm" and went to "fight" this ? And "seek clarification" ? We might only bring the very scrutiny we DON'T want. Ie.: swat hornet's nests, when the reality is, no one's ever cared.

    Perhaps I'm wrong about the MASS thing. Perhaps someone , even in the practical-application-enforcement end there WAS thinking "here's how we stop those dastardly md'rs". If so, then by all means: glad you fought it.

    But if that was never particularly on their radar as "the intention" of this proposed adopted wording, then odds are: Those md'rs that were forever ignored (ie.: grandfathered in, etc...) might simply have continued to be ignored. I might be wrong about your particulars there, but .... just 'sayin'
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    I vote with Tom/CA that the thread title needs changing. Especially if its gonna stay a Sticky.
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