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Thread: Metal detecting illegal on Massachusetts state beaches July 1, 2014 !!!!!!!

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    When the gov owns and controls everything
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    Well so far "they" have been busy with other things.
    They also have an aversion to being flooded with, e-mails, phone calls, and mail, from the silent majority.

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    Wow. First guns now this?
    Keeping everyone safe I guess.

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    MASS is an ASS.

    Whatever or whoever decided that this was an "issue" that needed addressing needs to get their priorities in line.

    And whoever voted it through should be forced into community service on weekends or days off...


    MAybe then they would appreciate MD people.

    PS... One word... LAME.
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    Msbeep-beep, since this never ended up happening, I thought you were going to change the name of the title of the thread ? Because otherwise, at first glance, from the title (pinned no less), people keep thinking it's a true deal ?
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    Im pretty sure,at the same time this was happening,they tried to pass a bill in mass to make it against the law to work on your own car.

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    Here is a plan I came up with that I feel like I might create here in my own town, even though there are no metal detecting bi-laws where I live. I'm rural so the hate hasn't hit me yet even though I'm in Canada and know it's coming.

    My plan is to make a few nicely constructed plexi-glass boxes that stand upright about average person tall. Inside the boxes will be all the trash and garbage I collect from a specific site. It will have a key lock so I can add or remove stuff as time goes on. The top of the box will say something like "Metal detecting hobbyists have cleaned THIS dangerous and disgusting trash off your beach(or park or whatever) for free" The headline needs to be more eloquent obviously but you get the point.

    My plan is to just fill them up a bit first with items from the selected areas then drop the boxes one night in the dark at various locations so people can actually see the benefit of what we do. They would be discreet, no names, no club names nothing to tie them back to me for legal safety reasons. lol. Just a modern art type of display to send the message home. Strategically placed for maximum impact but not in the way where officials will consider them a threat.

    That way when these bans are implemented, people will know how silly they are.

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    Mar 2007
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bottlecapbill View Post
    Here is a plan I came up with .....
    Bottle-cap-bill, your post is very revealing about the psychology of all this type threads. That protest and lament some place that is, or supposedly is in danger of being off-limits.

    a) I notice that you're posting the idea on this thread, about this particular location. But if you read all the way through it, you'll notice it never came to fruition.

    b) YET the mere title is all that's needed. People read the headlines, and thus fear "everyone hates us", etc...

    c) And they infer, from those headline: "Coming to a city near you". Thus "hurry and do something". I saw this reaction FIRST HAND when the FMDAC was formed in the 1980s: Each newsletter, designed to garner solidarity , had the unmistakable tone of "coming to a city near you". I understand their rationale: It was to garner solidarity & support of course. But the ripple effect was exactly as you're proposing to do here. EVEN though , as you say, there's no prohibitions in your area.

    d) you want to be "preemptive". Eh ? But I got news for you: It's THAT VERY VISIBILITY YOU PROPOSE, which is what brought about all those rules (non-existent in this case) that you fear. In other words: LESS visibility is better. Not MORE visibility.

    e) I'll bet that the average person who sees your proposed pexi-glass containers, had/would probably have never have given the matter a moment's thought. Then the only thing that emblazoning "metal detecting" on it does, is simply conjur up images of geeks with shovels. Thus don't defend something that's NOT EVEN under attack yet. In the meantime, you want LESS people to think of you. Not MORE people.

    f) I agree that we clean up and pack out the trash we dig. But ... I recall bumping into a "scram" from a gardener once, who .... when I objected and showed him the "trash I was removing", he wisely and correctly retorted: It was in the ground, buried , thus bothering no one. Hence: Scram . So don't assume that everyone will melt at this "noble thing" we do. Some people consider trash that below & unseen forever, to be not-hurting-anything.

    g) The "trash" argument is a bit better on beaches, where sand moves around, and removing items like nails, can be seen as a good thing. Granted. But stop for a moment and think about beaches (like GGNRA) where MD'ing is not allowed: I'll bet that someone could scream and holler till the cows-come-home about how they are doing a benefit to the beaches. And ... trust me: The archies would win the debate. It would not outweigh the damage that (gasp) removing cultural heritage objects would cause.

    Thus please, do not take preemptive moves. Moves such as that should ONLY be employed if there were an actual threat. In the meantime, just don't wear a bullseye on your back. Don't swat hornet's nests. If it's nicely manicured turf: Hunt it at night in the dark (so peaceful, so serene).
    Metal detecting is my one worldy vice!


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