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Thread: Old Tesoro Eldorado

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    Mar 2013
    Tesoro VLF Eldorado Old Metal Box Version
    84 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Old Tesoro Eldorado

    I have finally bought a metal detector after wanting one for several years now. I had decided on getting a Tesoro because of their good reputation and simplicity. I found a secondhand Tesoro Eldorado ( The old version with the control box under the arm )
    I tested it out for the first time today and it works great! I was picking up signals straight away. Nothing special yet but I found a massive load of bolts and an old water pipe at 5" deep and found a giant old pram wheel at 12 " deep. Was hidden under a wall of bricks that was under the ground.

    I am really enjoying it so far but was wondering if anyone has any tips or info about this detector? Perhaps a good setting for tuning? I like searching in all metal mode because I don't mind digging up anything, I find that to be quite fun and that way you will never miss anything good!

    Also I noticed the ground adjust control can be rotated continuously as opposed to the other 180 degree turn controls on the box. Is that normal? I am finding that confusing and it seems to always increase in volume when I bring the coil down to the ground as suggested in the manual for adjusting.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful tips on this MD !

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    Aug 2010
    77 times
    I'm not sure if you are talking about the metal case Eldorado or not. I had one years ago and it was one of the deepest coin and relic detectors I have ever owned, and I've owned a lot. Yes, that is normal for the ground balance. It is very important to set that correctly. As for hunting, I went with slow, steady swings keeping the search coil level. Listen for the soft repeatable beeps.(for deep coins) Iron sounds harsh compared to a coin. When in pin point a coin will be a narrow signal compared to iron. When you get a signal, while sweeping the target slowly lift the coil. A coin will disappear quickly while raising the coil. Iron or a large target you will be able to lift the coil quite a bit higher. Not a bad idea to put a dime in the tongue area of your non metallic shoe to use as a comparison signal.
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    Mar 2013
    Tesoro VLF Eldorado Old Metal Box Version
    84 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I have the VLF Metal case Eldorado yes. Well that is great to hear it is a deep relic hunter as that is just what I wanted! I buried a silver ring the other day about 7" deep to get an idea of what that sort of beep will sound like and in all metal mode it barely picks it up with a weak chirp but with discriminate turned on it will beep very loudly which I found surprising. I always assumed the all metal mode will detect everything loud and clear. With that said I did read in the manual about switching to all metal mode to get an idea of how deep it is because of the sound it gives out.
    I am getting so many signals in my garden!

    Thanks very much for the advice and I am sure with enough practice I will get the hang of this detector.
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    Mar 2018
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Mar 2018
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I also have the Eldorado and love it. Do you have any tip for separating pull tabs from gold

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    Sep 2013
    Chattanooga Tennessee
    Impact , Tejon . Fisher F75, Vaquero, uMaxSilver, Cibola , Delta 4000, F2, Ace350 , original Bandido
    327 times
    Relic Hunting
    I had two of those in my younger days. For a period of time back in the 1980's The Eldorado was the King Daddy of Civil War Relic Hunters with the Fisher 1265X coming in a very close second place. They worked very well and if you were to upgrade the a modern Vaquero , you would be in hog heaven mainly the Eldorado was big and bulky. There is one in our basement somewhere. Its been packed away from a move more than 25 years ago.



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