lightning always strikes twice ???
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    Oct 2013
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    Talking lightning always strikes twice ???

    Last year I cant count the times I was out detecting with the head phones on listening and watching the ground only to feel a vibration and lookup to see dark clouds on the horizon and hoping like heck not to be electrocuted . Having headphones that dampens the sound can be somewhat dangerous so this year I ordered a lightning detection system that acts just like an old pager and I ordered it from northern tool. It flashes a red light on top and gives the exact distance and miles from the first strike.39.95 and shipping this gadget is well worth it.I plan on mounting mine just in front of my mxt pro that way it is in clear view if something comes up . I am a sissy when this stuff starts flying around,this way if I am out in the field I can haul arse and beat jesse owens record back to the truck.Im all for wearing a blazed color vest year round ,for some of my blind neighbors or people who cant tell an animal from a human.Last year out in the field I had talked to this guy hunting who we agreed to take notice of each other to be safe and about an hour into detecting this guy open wholly hell on an hillside for thank god I was down in a ravine and I looked up to see him in a distance to where he just waved and walk off not saying anything.After that I was so low to the ground that I could count ants damn fool scared the death out of me.So now I have a detection device and my trusty vest to keep me safe for you never know when something can happen and also carry cell phone and pair snake boots,sounds like im paranoid maybe I am, but things do happen when we least suspect.Be safe my friends this year, 2015 and may you reap joy from what you find.vanzutphen,moderator you can remove this post for no one is interested may be on the wrong topic for this .thanks
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