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    Apr 2007

    ACE 250 LCD screen problem

    I just though I throw this question to you guys to see if you can help me so I don't have to send the md back.
    I bought a ACE 250 a couple months ago. Everything worked great, found some nice finds. Yesterday I did a bit of detecting, changed my baterries and noticed that the 2 and 4 inch bars on the LCD screen no longer "lit" up. Everything else still works. I changed the batteries again but still no change.

    Even when I power up the detector and all the "icons" light up the 2 and 4 inch icons still dont lightup. Short of sending the unit back (and missing out on many nice days I could go detecting) any advice?

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    Apr 2006
    Middletown, NY
    AT Pro & Ace 250
    22 times

    Re: ACE 250 LCD screen problem

    just my 2 cents worth but if everything else still works and it still finds items for you, then I wouldn;t worry about those 2 bars. I hardly ever look at the depth when I detect. Just listen for that nice belltone to come out of it and dig away. Sounds to me like you would rather not part with it even for a day so just make sure everything else is alright and get out there and find some nice finds!

    Again...my 2 cents.


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    Apr 2005
    land of the free-taxed to death
    Whites M6 Nokta Fors CoRe
    4 times

    Re: ACE 250 LCD screen problem

    I'd send it in just before the warranty expires!!! You'll need it right now for hunting
    Whites Matrix M6-QXT Pro

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    Feb 2007
    Please don't yell !
    8 times

    Re: ACE 250 LCD screen problem

    Ditto the screen is darn near useless, better off listening to tones.

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    Mar 2005
    Minelab Explorer SE/Garrett GTI 2500/ Ace 250
    33 times

    Re: ACE 250 LCD screen problem

    sounds like the lcd burned out. send it back and get it fixed before it gets worse and then its out of warranty. ( even though garrett would probably still fix it for free). Garrett is pretty quick with thier turn around repair times. you might not be without it as long as you think.
    GTI 2500/ACE 250

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    Mar 2007
    Boise, ID
    Garrett Ace 250
    2 times

    Re: ACE 250 LCD screen problem

    Bite the bullett and send it back for repair. That way it won't ruin a good day hunting if more of the LEDs decide to crap out.
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    Re: ACE 250 LCD screen problem

    Try holding the power button down for ten seconds to reset everything to factory settings, possible you changed settings and did not realize it.. When all else fails try the experts for advice ...http://www.garrett.com/hobby/techsup...leshooting.htm

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    Oct 2006
    Bronx, NY
    Explorer XS/II & Garrett ACE 250
    3 times

    Re: ACE 250 LCD screen problem

    I'd send it back at your earliest convenience. After months of using the 250, I can tell you that the screen is nowhere near useless. Those depth bars are actually very useful. When you run into a target that is just a little deeper or shallower than another target near it, the jumping of the depth bars can be the first hint telling you of its presence. To picture this, imagine a bottle cap at 6 inches and a dime at 4. The dime is not directly above the bottle cap, more like 2 inches to either side. When you sweep your coil, you might notice a 6" reading followed immediately by a 4", both in rapid succession, hence, the depth bar jumping around. Do yourself a favor at this point and lower your sensitivity so you can concentrate on the 4" target (Dime), which at this point should be coming in clear because the coil is now only picking up the dime. Get it? When I see those depth bars jump around like that, it's telling me that there is either a very irregular object (Crushed cans are the usual suspects) or more than one object at different depths but close in proximity. What you want to do is check to see if that is the case. Most people might think that this is simply a bad signal.
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