BigBoysHobbies, Bart, New CTX-3030 & 1st Hunt Yesterday
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Thread: BigBoysHobbies, Bart, New CTX-3030 & 1st Hunt Yesterday

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    May 2015
    Natchez, MS
    MineLab CTX 3030, Equinox 800
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    Metal Detecting

    BigBoysHobbies, Bart, New CTX-3030 & 1st Hunt Yesterday

    Hello All,

    Well as you can surmise from the thread title, I ordered by very first metal detector, CTX-3030, from Bart on Saturday, June 20th. Unit shipped on Monday, June 22nd and by the morning of Wednesday, June 24th the machine was in the neighborhood UPS truck en route to me. I had to have UPS hold it for me due to leaving on a road trip to the Gulf earlier than anticipated. Well I picked up the CTX this past Monday night and did my first hunt yesterday, this hobby definitely lived up to my expectations of it.

    I am just getting used to the machine but I had a blast in the woods yesterday. I found a crossbow bolt, various shell casings and many deformed projectiles-exactly the items I would expect the Metal Detecting deity to send my way to lock me on to this hobby.

    A first rate buying/customer service experience from Bart at BBH, an outstanding machine, a great day in the woods and an awesome 1st day with one of my 2 favorite hobbies (shooting is and always will be my favorite.) On that note I'm going back in now.

    Semper Fi

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    Nov 2013
    Cincinnati Ohio
    XP Deus, Garrett ProPointer
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    Foremost, thank you for your service.
    Welcome to TNet.
    Now then... Bart ahh Bart. Only authorized dealer that personally answers his phone �� on Sundays. BBH is a class act. I know from experience you received zero frivolous junk in your purchase.
    You are an absolute brute by choosing a 3030 as your initial detector. I had a ruff go with a $200 unit.
    No learning curve for you though. You now have one of the best machines ever made.
    Please dig appropriately, have permits if required, know local laws and as always, be a good ambassador for metal detecting.
    Peace ✌

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    Jun 2008
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Bart is the ONLY way to go! Wanna try that CTX after I get better with my BBH Garrett Pro.
    Retired military veteran 23 years Army/Air Force. Six years Army Security Agency, seventeen years Air Force Reserves. Other hobbies include radio controled aircraft, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, copying morse code on my completely restored military Collins R-391.

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    Feb 2010
    ctx 3030 deus excalibur sovern but used gp4500 sd2200 whites nd a few fisher. Nox 800
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    It's funny. I have a 30 30 also plus have a deus. I can't see the screen on my 30 30 in sun light. But I can with my deus. I would take my deus over my 30/30 any day of the week on land targets. Beach is different. If you want a super deep machine that gets everything which goes by sound. Get a gp 3500 gold machine. $4,500. I was digging hair pin's at three feet deep plus. A lot of deep beach holes. When I spend this kind of money for a machine. I want to be able to see the screen in any weather condition. It's got all this hi tect stuff that you can't even see in sunlight. Then your trying to learn it on top of that. Hear it dig it.My deus screen I can see everything clear in any condition. Think they could get it together for everyone with this hi tect stuff you can't see.

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    Nov 2013
    Cincinnati Ohio
    XP Deus, Garrett ProPointer
    1229 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Once a metal detector is learned, screens become secondary. Tone is key.
    Yes, screens on MLs can be difficult to view in sunlight. This will sound crazy to most, but turn ON your backlight in direct light. I've found it helps? And ML owners have the option of allocating screens into "old man" mode. This enlarges the duel number display on screen, thus easier viewing. Did I just say "duel"? Yup. Both conductivity and ferrous representatives in the form of a digital scale are constantly available. But screens are secondary...
    Just enjoy your new detector!!!
    Peace ✌
    P.S. Bart is da man!



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