Places to metal detect
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    Garrett apex 2020

    Sep 2013
    Houston Tx
    Garrett apex

    Places to metal detect

    Is Pasadena fair grounds city property, can I metal detect there

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    Mar 2007
    Salinas, CA
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    Check this out:

    I have searched it with variations on "metal" and "detector" and "detecting", and find no prohibition. Ie.: silent on the subject. Hence not prohibited. Naturally this does not mean anyone can gripe, at any time. I mean, a man with a detector has "connotations" afterall (that you might be about to leave a mess, etc...). Thus like any park or such, you don't stick out like a sore thumb begging for attention from busy-bodies.

    Also check in at the Kinzli forum. There's several So. CA folks who chime in and post there. Including a few from just that area.

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    Garrett apex 2020

    Sep 2013
    Houston Tx
    Garrett apex
    Is that in California, I'm in Pasadena tx

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    Garrett apex 2020

    Sep 2013
    Houston Tx
    Garrett apex
    Thanks anyway I called they said yes

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    Nov 2013
    Cincinnati Ohio
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    Many say, by calling you've made yur first mistake? Depends on location...
    Glad you received a "yes" over the phone ��, but that doesn't mean squat to groundskeepers.
    Written permission and/or permits should be available upon request.
    Also, please identify state in question next time.
    Peace ✌



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