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    May 2007

    Abbotts Creek, NC Gold Lost Treasure

    Has anyone heard about the legend of Abbotts Creek gold left by Cornwallis during the Revolutionary War?
    Any info that anyone has would be very helpful.
    Also let me know what your version of the legend is.


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    Jul 2004

    Re: Abbotts Creek, NC Gold Lost Treasure

    Aren't most of those lost treasure "legend" stories myths?

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    Aug 2005
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    Re: Abbotts Creek, NC Gold Lost Treasure

    sorry the first reply to your VERY FIRST POST!! was so negative. TNETers are usually a bit more helpful than that reply. I pulled out my "Buried Treasures You Can Find" by Marx and he lists it as a few hundred yards north of the Highway 64 bridge. Is this your source? If not let me know and I'll PM you the listing.
    Welcome to Treasure Net. You will find some of the most knowledgeable and helpful folks anywhere on here.

    grizzly bare

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    May 2007

    Re: Abbotts Creek, NC Gold Lost Treasure

    thanks for the apology, (no offense taken). One has to remember, there are alot of uneducated people out there.
    My source is alot of people around Lexington and the surrounding areas telling of the story.
    Some say it was payroll, others say is was items from looting. We also found an article from Lost Treasures magazine telling of the same info you posted Grizzly Bear.
    We have gone to the area north of 64 and found a very interesting spot on the creek, but as of yet not been able to get to it.
    Yes I would like the info from the book you spoke of.
    Any info would be a great help.

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    Jul 2004

    Re: Abbotts Creek, NC Gold Lost Treasure

    Oh yeah that was just horrible! I feel so bad now. Are you kindergarten or something?

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    May 2007

    Re: Abbotts Creek, NC Gold Lost Treasure

    dunsky1476 - I didn't sign up on this board to start a flaming contest.
    If you will think about some of the 'legends', you will see all are not myths.
    Like Blackbeard the pirate for one. Out of the lost treasure realm, there is the mega-mouth shark.
    So all legends have turned out to 'not' be myths.
    We went down the creek quite a distance down from the 64 bridge.
    There is a section of a rock wall about 30-40 feet high.
    In the center, it looks like the rock is caved in. Very different from the rock on either side.
    If Cornwallis did leave some kegs or wooden boxes, the wood would decayed by now and the treasure would probably be all down the creek.
    Just below this rock wall is a large sandbar. Maybe could find something there.
    We are going back with a metal detector. The creek appears to rise very high here, flooding the bank on the opposite side.
    All I was wondering is if anyone knew of anything more about the story.



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