Has anyone metal detected in Guam?
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    Jul 2004

    Has anyone metal detected in Guam?

    Am I right in assuming the detecting laws for Guam are the same as the mainland US? There are a lot of beaches there and probably a lot of good finds just waiting to be discovered. I have also heard there are a couple wrecked Spanish galleons in the surrounding waters. So has anyone been there? Anyone find anything worth noting?

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    Re: Has anyone metal detected in Guam?

    I've went to Guam about 11 years ago but never detected. You will find that quiet a few chunks of the coastline are inaccessable as there are ports, a naval base, marine base and USAF base. I think a lot of other areas such as the central high country and some areas of coast are National Parks due to them being the sites of battles during WWII. The last known Japanese survivor didn't come out of the jungle till 1973 which is pretty amazing because Guam isn't that big.

    But its an amazing little place and I know theres still lots of coastline you can get to so you never know what you may find - good luck on the spanish silver.
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