Family cemeteries in relation to family homestead
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    Family cemeteries in relation to family homestead

    Does anyone know if families established their family cemetary plot on their land in a specific location in relation to the actual house? Someone at work said they 'thought' in the old days the family graves were typically placed in a certain location... i.e. on the north corner of the house or something...

    I am MD'ing a local park that has old graves, and I was trying to determine where the house once stood. I know the land for the park was a wealthy farm in the mid-1800's. The little bit of MDing I did last night near the graves (which are fenced in) and very old trees turned up old nails so that might indicate I was near the old barn area maybe. Google earth was only a little helpful. The small area I did last night was an open field (now used for volleyball) and tot lots which is surrounded by trees and water. The park is inbetween canals and swampy land. Any help would be appreciated...

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    Re: Family cemeteries in relation to family homestead

    Anybody, please correct me if I'm wrong, but....
    Typically, when a family decided to bury members on their own land, the plot location wasn't always relative to the house. They would usually place the plots along a line, be it a fenceline, treeline, or near a stream/brook (i.e. Grampa's favorite spot was under that big tree). The deciding factor for these locations were more for sentimental reasons, and practicality (not many grave markers in the front yard).
    See if you can dig up old aerial photos to find the location of the house. Old deeds with descriptions and maybe the lot layout (building sizes and locations) might be available from the Clerk of Courts or Assessors Office.
    If the land has been regraded with trees removed for the park, it might be hard to eyeball the terrain for old building locations.
    I hope this helps, good luck!
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    Re: Family cemeteries in relation to family homestead

    I think if you go to this site and read through where the cemeteries were in location to the house it will give you a good idea of what to expect in VA...... heres an example .....................Brimstone Hill", built early 1800's, was in the Arundell Family as early as 1822. The cemetery, located about 150' east of the house,.....................
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    Dec 2006
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    Re: Family cemeteries in relation to family homestead

    Gypsy - Thank you for that link. It was interesting on 2 counts... 1st, I lived in Fairfax County for 40 years (born in Arlington) so it was interesting to read through those listings and locations. 2nd, even though there didn't seem to be a specific spot that held the family graves, it appears that most families did set aside an area within 50-150 yards from the house for this purpose - close, but not too close. So that might be a clue for me!

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    Re: Family cemeteries in relation to family homestead

    Try this link for some aerial views and historical maps.



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