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    Jun 2007
    on the open road
    garrett ace 250

    hello all,newbie here

    hello,been reading this board for awhile now,just bought a new ace 250 and tried it out for the first time at an elementary school in west jordan utah,found 3 pennies,not bad for 30 minutes work.just wanted to introduce myself.i am originally from sarasota florida but i now drive an 18 wheeler cross country so i think this hobby will be perfect for me.dont get much excercise sitting in a truck all day.i am technically homeless as i live full time in my truck,but i still have a po box in sarasota and i get there every six weeks or so,so thats still home i guess.though not many homeless people make 60k a year,lol.i have a brother that is on these forums(whats up bill,aka metalfury).had an old whites i bought at a pawn shop a few years back but never did much with it,now i can say i am addicted to this hobby and will be stopping at locations all over the country,anyhow.just wanted to say hi all and maybe i will run into some of you out and about(not literally,big truck would hurt).take care,and happy hunting.
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    Jun 2007
    White's 6000 PRO XL

    Re: hello all,newbie here

    What's up!! you have an advantage over alot of us!! you don't have to pay to travel all over the united states!! look forward to some pics of your finds. Good luck.
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    Total Coins=359
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    Jan 2007
    South Carolina
    Whites V3i,Whites XLT,Ace 250 and BH Tracker IV and Others.....
    97 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Re: hello all,newbie here

    Welcome to TNet treasuretrucker ..... You will love the Ace250....and just think of alllll the schools you will pass by and have to take a coffee break..lol Take care and HH

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    Feb 2007
    Williamsport, Home of Little League Baseball
    Excalibur 1000, JW Fisher Pulse 8X

    Re: hello all,newbie here

    Welcome and good luck.

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    Apr 2005
    Ann Arbor Meechigan

    Re: hello all,newbie here

    Welcome, good luck and HH, dave. :O)

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    May 2005
    20 times

    Re: hello all,newbie here


    welcome to the board.

    Hope we will be seeing some of your finds.

    Drive your own rig or for a company?

    have a good un....
    In the academies many books, at the circus many sacks of peanuts, at the club rooms many cigar butts.

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    Re: hello all,newbie here


    Remember what the indians say: if you own more than you can carry at dead run, you own too much.

    Best of luck with the Ace 250, I'm probably getting one myself real soon.

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    Re: hello all,newbie here

    Hello, Treasuretrucker nice name by the way! man i envy you being able to go to so many places, be sure to give us updates on your finds. Cya!

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    Mar 2007
    Long Beach, California
    White's Eagle Spectrum XLT & Bullseye II Probe

    Re: hello all,newbie here

    Welcome to Tnet. Looking forward to viewing your future posts from all around this lovely United States of America!

    HH from MM
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    Quarters = 269
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    Dimes = 397
    Silver Rosie=3
    Nickels = 140
    Stinkin Lincoln = 1198
    Wheat= 42
    Total Coins Found = 2056

    Rings -16

    HH from Mē

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    Jun 2007
    on the open road
    garrett ace 250

    Re: hello all,newbie here

    thank you all for the welcome,i enjoy reading this site very much,and in response to shermanville,i own my own rig.plan on doing this for five more years then buying an RV and being semi retired,i am only 35 at the moment but i am very tight with my money and almost debt free,i live full time in my truck an am able to save most of my money so if all goes well i will stop driving,live in the RV with my dog and wife,and work part time and treasure hunt full time.she lives with me now in the truck and we get along very well so things should work out well with our plan.
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    total:$ 020.52
    gold:2 rigs
    silver:56 dime

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    Aug 2004
    1 times

    Re: hello all,newbie here

    Dang, no mortgage ? What do you spend all that income on then ? That profession should lead to a lot of neat stuff over your travels.
    Happy Tesoro user - Mid Missouri

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    May 2006
    New Jersey

    Re: hello all,newbie here

    Hi Bro. welcome to the board. Hope you find all kinds of good stuff, I've been detecting for about a year now and I am hooked! Sooner or later we'll have to get together for a hunt, maybe one of these times when I'm in Fla. and you're back there for a weekend or something...

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    Nov 2006
    Middlesex County, New Jersey
    Whites DFX w/ Sunray DX-1 probe and Minelab Excalibur 1000, Whites TRX Pinpointer
    105 times
    Metal Detecting

    Re: hello all,newbie here

    Welcome Treasuretrucker,
    So if I'm reading your post correctly your wife, your dog and yourself live in the truck....You are a better man then me. Lol.

    Since you are posting here I would assume you have an internet connection in the truck. You should do a little online research of the places you are driving through. May turn up some sites other then parks and schools. Or if you have the time stop by the local libraries for the local history books.



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    Feb 2007
    East Central Florida WP
    Whites XLT / M6
    11 times

    Re: hello all,newbie here

    Welcome to TN. A great place.

    Yep, we all envy you.... :P

    Always wanted to hit those turck stop picnic areas. If you get a chance to do so, be sure to post you finds.

    Happy Truck'in and Hunt'in

    Ray S
    Ray S ECenFL
    Wolf Pack Member

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    May 2007
    Western Colorado
    80 times

    Re: hello all,newbie here

    Welcome to TN and HH !

    "Everybody dies"
    "But not everybody lives."


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