Roads named after riverboat or other "Landing" (s) ?
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    Jun 2007

    Roads named after riverboat or other "Landing" (s) ?

    Seems many roads in Florida towns are have "Landing" in their name near the rivers, obviously because of some old boat traffic there. Ever follow the road to the end and detect around the area there blind (That are off the beaten path with no new housing)? I know the major landing spots are good, how about the tiny ones that maybe only one little ferry or steamer occasionally used, that aren't but an afterthought on a map between two major areas/towns ? And did some boat ramps maybe start out that way? Time for me to hit the research, starting here!

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    Aug 2006
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    Re: Roads named after riverboat or other "Landing" (s) ?

    Actually I was down at an old ferry landing this weekend that I have researched. It was heavily overgrown with waist-high weeds and Im quite certain it is overrun with snakes so I really wasnt able to hunt it very much at all but I looked at it as some good recon. The road died right at the river,once the ferry ceased operations a bridge was never built so I was expecting very much traffic or modern trash. To my suprise/horror the sides of the old road were an ideal place for locals to dump trash for many many years. In addition,as you mentioned earlier,the state had taken it upon themselves to build a boat launch area as well as grading off a large parking area on one side of the road. Luckily the side that most of the action transpired on back in the day is on the other side of the road and will be quite huntable come fall or early winter. In my research I found a few old photos of the landing in its heyday. Apparently besides the ferry operation 'show boats' used to travel up and down the river and when they would arrive at a certain landing all of the towns-people and locals would go down to the ferry landing and have big parties. Good luck with your searching....Shoot

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    Jun 2007

    Re: Roads named after riverboat or other "Landing" (s) ?

    Ah yes, the trash side of a dead end road, hadn't thought about that. Maybe for the weeds, a gas-powered weedwhacker, and just do 20X20 square at a time to keep the noise down and nosey people away. Perhaps a portable vegetable sprayer with weedkiller in it as well. Here in Florida its kill it or mow it, stuff grows quick and doesn't stop until that late november frost. Thanks for the info, I am trying to get old photos of any of these places and will post what I run into here if I find a huntable spot.
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    Jun 2007

    Re: Roads named after riverboat or other "Landing" (s) ?

    Just an afterthought: I wonder if the graded dirt layer (with possible coins, etc.) for that parking lot is still on the edges of the lot, or if it was carted away? May be worth a quick sweep around the edges, who knows...



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