my first, advice?
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    Sep 2006
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    my first, advice?

    I used craigslist as recommended by another member on here and got someone to ask me to hunt their land. They own a 1930's farm house which is now on a 1/2 acre corner lot on the edge of the city. I asked for her address to google earth it before I go so I can compare it to older maps to see if anything was there before the house. But when I actually go to start MDing, does anyone have any suggestions? areas to look especially hard, areas to avoid, anything! Lady seem super nice, says she would just like a few of the finds if there are any, if we don't mind her watching. (she sounds excited) and she even said she'd mow all the grass before we come to make it easier. HOW NICE!! any suggestions welcome and appreciated. thanks in advance everyone!
    Jeff in Richmond

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    Apr 2007
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    Re: my first, advice?

    Hey cJ,
    Wow, sounds like a great lady. If it was me, I'd offer to help mow the grass. To get brownie points. 8)
    There are a bunch of posts in the General Discussion section that answer your question. A good one was titled something like "Finally got permission"; but my old brain can't remember where I saw it.
    Quick tips, if the foundation is still there, check around it first. Clothes-line areas are good. Look for a nice big tree in the yard. Is it old enough to have used a water hand pump?
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    Re: my first, advice?

    Good luck to you Jack!

    Along the driveway, in the driveway, in the yard around the house, under any trees in the yard, out by the road near the mail box... basic must hits.

    Possible hot spots include, under a clothesline if there is/was one, under the front porch if you can in there, in the garden, any tree groves that are there, and places that a party might have been held.


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    May 2007
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    Re: my first, advice?

    I don't think there is anything worse then the owner of the property leaning over every hole you dig. Especially when they say they want some of the finds. You would be lucky to pocket a couple decent finds for yourself. I would rather bring the Blue book along and hand them cash for what the coins would be worth them give them up. I hope you have a good time just make sure you have an understanding of what happens with the 1798 small eagle, half eagle $5 gold piece worth $150,000 when you pull it out of the ground.

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    Sep 2006
    Richmond, Va
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    Re: my first, advice?

    good thinking oldplace,
    Actually though after doing a l ittle more talking with her and explaining to her how it is a little time consuming to find signals and when you do not every dig is exactly a keeper, she said she may not tag along all day. But I would still kicker some of the finds. She really sounds pretty honest about the whole thing, but I def. see your point!
    Jeff in Richmond



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