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Thread: The Secret a Treasure Hunt

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    Dec 2018
    2 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I’m on the west coast looking for the one in Boston. They don’t post very many pic over there sucks for me because I think I’m on to something but I can’t make it out so if someone was there to take pictures or a video that would let me know if I know where it is . I’m going to dig up the one in San Francisco on the 27 of December 2018 I was able to walk the park with satellite and now I have a 96% chance I found it . It’s eating me up I want to go right now but can’t my wife wanted to go so I have to wait for here days off coming up here soon so if I do find it all will know . So if that happens I really need someone to go to Boston and get me some photos or video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbuds420 View Post
    Iím on to something and need pictures and or video . I canít get a clear picture on satellite �� so I need help
    Can you get a clear look from google street view vs. aerial?
    "Let Thy Hand, Oh God, guide me through the ways Thou seest are needed for those that seek to know Thy way through any effort of mine."

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    Dec 2018
    2 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    No that’s the problem there is one picture to view from . In San Francisco I was able to walk and look anywere I wanted . So when I look 2d or 3D still distorted and trees are in the way . If someone and get me some pic of that one spot I will be able to see if I’m right

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    Dec 2018
    Boston area
    The secret boston
    Hi Big buds, I am in the Boston area and just joined this forum. I will be heading into Boston sometime in the near future, so could help you possibly with pics. My main reason for joining this board is I just uncovered almost all lines in the Boston verse and it led me to an exact area nobody has posted about or provided a hypothesis it is there but I am supremely confident of (sound familiar). The clues match perfect but I need to be onsite to finalize a couple lines and an exact spot in a very small dig area. Also, I have basically no shot of digging without being seen (which is the issue of course). Any suggestions as to seeking approval and a friendly ear who could help lend weight in obtaining approval to probe/dig in?

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    May 2014
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    WHAT!? A treasure hunt with no danger of death? No danger of breaking your leg and lying out there, imobilized, fighting off wild, hungry animals? No danger of being sniped off by crazy old claimants? No danger of your chopper going down in the peaks? No danger of finding a dead deer in your only water source for 30 miles? Where is the fun in that? Besides, the city is much more dangerous than the Wilderness.
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    Mar 2019
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I'm in St. Louis. A friend and I have just started looking into it. I'm grateful for any help!

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    Mar 2019
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by Scottrocks View Post
    First lets talk about what was confirmed by Priess before he died
    1) A casque was buried in Canada
    2) A casque was buried in St. Louis
    3) A casque was buried in New York but not in Central Park
    4) No casque in Philadelphia (he said he did not remember burying one there)
    5) A casque is buried in Houston at the Children's Zoo in Herman Park.

    Below is a list of the cities I think the images represent. Most of this matches the Wiki but there are some differences. I will explain those differences bellow.
    Image 1: San Francesco The latitude and longitude lock it in
    Image 2: Charleston A map of the city is hidden in the image.
    Image 3: Roanoke Island a map of the island is hidden in the image
    Image 4: Went to Cleveland and was found in 2004
    Image 5: Went to Chicago and was found in 1983
    Image 6: St. Augustine Florida the Ponce De Leon statute
    Image 7: New Orleans the latitude and longitude match and the "horsehead" is Louisiana upside down
    Image 8: Houston the latitude and longitude match
    Image 9: St. Louis Missouri ignore the "legeater" the arch is hidden in the image as is the old courthouse. The latitude and longitude are close to STL as well
    Image 10: Milwaukee the rebus puzzle locks it
    Image 11: Windsor Ontario the 42nd line of latitude goes right through Windsor. Also I believe the tip of a blade on the Canadian Maple leaf is hidden in the flowers in K&L 8. Ottawa and Toronto could also be the Canadian location but they do not fit as well as Windsor.
    Image 12: New York the image is full of NYC landmarks.

    For more information on all of this check out the Wiki. In the near future I will post about the verses and how I think they fit with the images and possible locations to dig.

    If anyone is familiar with ground penetrating radar post here. If it is practical it could be helpful in finding some of these.
    When were these confirmed by Preiss? I mainly ask because this means that if there is a St. Louis AND a Canada one, then one of the other still remaining ones that most people believe to be in a different city is probably wrong.

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    Apr 2019
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and this thread. I'm interested in The Secret, searching for Priess caches. I have theories involving different locations. I will try my hand at posting the information. Thank you!


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