May be of interest.
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    Jan 2007
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    May be of interest.

    I have been MD for many years and probably the best places where I have found the most coins and treasures have been in the local parks and wooded areas, not to mention abandoned buildings. This of course is nothing new to you guys that have been doing this fine hobby over the years. I also use a website that I will share with you. This site shows a lot of abandoned houses and businesses in my area. It's a great tool because it's updated all the time. There may be links to other areas as well.


    I do not advise going into abandoned buildings alone or without permission. These sites can be dangerous. There may be local homeless people living in these buildings as well as rodents, sharp metal objects and water wells.
    Always get permission first and use caution.....

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    May 2005
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    Re: May be of interest.


    good information; thanks for posting.

    If anyone will google, "Urban Infiltration
    and Exploration," you may come up with
    some info from whatever area of the country
    you live in.

    It is illegal, what they are doing, but the info
    may help in finding legal areas to hunt.

    Again, good information.

    have a good un.........
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    Re: May be of interest.

    What if there are out of town homeless people?
    A gentleman farmer named Floyd
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    Mar 2007
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    Re: May be of interest.

    What do you do if it is truly abandoned, and there simply isn't any apparent person to "ask permission" from? I suppose if it sat abandoned long enough, that by definition, property taxes aren't being paid, and then it reverts to control by the county. At that point, I would consider it fair game, as it's condemed, or whatever they call it. If you are out on a lawn, or a weed-choked lot, and not INSIDE a building, then seems you're ok, and not trespassing.

    The Army base near me (Fort Ord) shut down in the early 1990s. As all the barracks (blt. 1940s) got posted "NO TRESPASSING". We still helped ourselves to the surrounding lawns. A few times a security or police would hassle us. We merely pointed out that we weren't IN the buildings, thus obeying the sign. They scratched their heads, and ended up agreeing, and left us alone



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