which Gold Hog mats?
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    May 2017
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    which Gold Hog mats?

    Doc, as far as I've watched, is kinda close as to exactly which mix of mats he uses in his sluices. I'm building a "copy" of his 8" wide multi-sluice - only 60" long. This allows 3 "zones" of 18" (3 sections of 6" wide mat - for example) that will be swappable - to test the recovery rates of Gold Hog against other kinds of sluice materials. Miner's moss/expanded - then Gold Hog - then carpet/riffles. 3 Gold Hogs - then 3 different ones - then 3 of somebody else's, etc. etc. What 3 Gold Hog mat flavors would you recommend to start based on your experiences with Doc's delivered products so far?

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    Check out the prospecting forum on here. There is a lot of good info on there. I use some goldhog mats. I have UR and scrubber mats alternated down a Keene A52. Those two mats like a faster flow.

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    May 2017
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    Thanks for the info! You're a Utah guy? So am I! SLC. Maybe we could get together sometime and swap lies?



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