Buffalo nickel
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Thread: Buffalo nickel

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    Feb 2017
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    Buffalo nickel

    I put this in the cleaning section and 52 people viewed it but they must have
    never found a buffalo nickel. Maybe someone who reads the general discussion has
    found one and knows how to clean it?

    I found a 1920 Buffalo nickel last week and it came out normal dark clad color.
    I can read the date and it is not toasted. How would you clean it up?
    I have used the baking soda, tin foil, boiling water on a few silver pieces
    with good success. I was hoping there is a similar technique for nickels?

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    Jun 2007
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    Hard to clean nickels, they rarely come out looking good, so best to leave as it is. If you really want to turn it back to somewhat of a nickle color you can soak it in Worcheshire sauce overnight, BUT it will become a flat, non shiney grey, not that pretty but not pink.
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    For nickels: Naval Jelly. Available at hardware stores.
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    Bill Jones

    May 2007
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    I"ve used the worcestershire sauce with some success, but as mentioned above, they don't come out shiny.
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    You could also try steel wool or electrolysis. I warn you though, if your nickel is already in very bad shape and you use steel wool, it will turn out looking much worse than before (a shiny silver-colored disk).
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