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Thread: Best detector for finding 10lb gold bar in bottom of river

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    Mar 2007
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    Quote Originally Posted by chub View Post
    Wallmart LRD works well. Is the river in Nigeria? I can send you the money for the release of the detector.

    Watch out. No doubting

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    Oct 2011
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    Personally I'd magnet fish the area first to get rid of as much junk as possible.
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    Jun 2013
    Jefferson City, Tennessee
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    Any good White's, Tesoro, Fisher or Minelab Metal Detector made for use under water down to 20 feet to several hundred feet or made for both land and water use will likely do the job. It depends upon how accurate you want it and the price you are willing to pay. Considering that the Gold Bars have been sitting on or under the river or stream bed for some 100 years or more, they will likely throw off one heck of a wide signal which could make pinpointing the exact location or center of the target difficult. You may be wanting to Scuba Dive to locate the Gold Bars but understand that any metal you have on you for diving and/or for digging, will likely interfere with finding the signal of the Gold Bars. You could snorkel or use a Hookah System to stay down for longer times to search for the intended targets and neither will interfere with the signal. Do understand that you may and likely will encounter other targets that give off strong signals under water, so it would behoove you to remove these while searching as they will likely mask or hide the signals from the Gold Bars. Who knows, the other targets could turn out to be some things that are special or even very rare and worth a good sum of money.

    Good luck!

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    U.S. Army Veteran (Nov. 27, 1972 to Mar. 30, 1978) and Retired Federal Government Employee with total Federal Service of over 38 years. I am a Coin Collector and Coin Researcher at heart with my main interests in Error & Variety Coins. However, I also love Gold and Gem Prospecting, Metal Detecting when and where I can, Ginseng and other Herb Hunting, Long Range Shooting, Hunting and Fishing.

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    An AT Pro comes to mind after watching aquachiggers videos on YouTube!
    "Today" is a great find!

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    Apr 2017
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom_in_CA View Post
    Let's start an office pool bet guys: Typically when someone with only a single post comes on board with a fantastic wild treasure, that's the last we ever hear from them. They become 1-post wonders, never answering the feedback people gave them.

    I'll be the first to throw a dollar into the ring and say "single post "
    Someone owes Tom a dollar.

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