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Thread: Cartwheel Penny in the United States?

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    The penny is a common find here, I personally have never found a two pence. All have the date 17697, but it appears that coins were minted for several years, just all bearing the date 1797. Always a nice find even here.

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    Never heard of it. Of course being near the Mississippi River I might not expect to see many old English coins out my way so I haven't researched them much. Glad to see you getting acquainted with posting finds. You are one of my favorite YT metal chasers. Catch ya' on the rebound with some more cool stuff I am sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurt Franz THB View Post
    I know its not a rare coin Ben. Colonial is my passion. My question is who else has dug one in the US? How many have you dug Ben?
    I have dug 1 of these my dad dug 1, here in NJ.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseyben View Post
    I have dug 1 of these my dad dug 1, here in NJ.
    Thank you for the info Ben. All the best

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    Oct 2011
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    Quote Originally Posted by l.cutler View Post
    I dug one about 20 years ago at an old house site, quite a surprise!
    I was going to do the same, but you posted your link first. Great history behind this coin.

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    Do not forget me 24601

    Oct 2011
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    Great find! !

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    Odds of me finding one in Michigan? Do they make those kind of odds? Great find love the YouTube videos!!!! When will this episode be on?
    Thanks for sharing

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    I've dug two One Penny Cartwheels one being in a tree'd area of a park in Toronto, and the other one on an Island off of Gananoque Ont. The interesting thing is I've made 8 trips to England and never have dug one there. Been with a group of 6 others over the years only one, maybe two might be found over a two week period. Not a high numbered coin on either side of the pond.

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    Nice save. I've never found one but was with a friend when he found one locally a couple years ago. I did find an early Victorian large cent awhile back.

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    Been avoiding this thread because....
    1. It says United States.
    2. Given the numbers members have found, no one would believe me.
    3. People will want proof and I'm not going to pull them out of my binder and block out the site information on each coin holder.
    I will say that the people of the U.K. hated these coins due to their bulk and sent them here as we had no currency outside of furs and trade goods.
    My friends have witnessed my lack of emotions when I find another. Almost all my George III coins are 1797, 1799, 1806, and 1807.
    I get excited when I find one earlier than the dates mentioned.
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