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Thread: why?

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    Jun 2006
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    WARNING!!!!! If you're having interference in a small area & you believe it to be underground electric. DO NOT dig near it! If the cable is faulting you can get zinged quite a ways away from the fault. I've seen two troublemen hand digging near transformers get literally blown out of the hole even though though one guy was almost 5' from the cable. The other guy (3' away from a faulted cable) got burned badly mostly from his clothes catching fire. If you can follow the interference across a yard not a problem. But if you get a spike along the line or just a small area. LEAVE IT ALONE! If you call the power company, they'll come check the area, after all they're concerned about our safety..... er ah...... Catching a major lawsuit. Please be safe!
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    Jun 2008
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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtdigginfool View Post
    Don't forget UNDERGROUND DOG FENCES!..Had a VERY frustrating experience one time...I fiddled and fidgeted with my machine for 45 minutes...new batteries, new battery holder...on/off, different settings...2 calls to Kellyco customer service..and finally the lady of the house comes outside, notices my disappointment and my cursing under my breath...asks me what's wrong. I tell her it like EMI but there's no wires or transformers near. Then she asks me if I'd like for her to turn off the electric dog fence.....ugh
    A few years back I had the same problem with a VLF detector. It was driving me crazy! I found where a metal fence came out from under the grass. Problem solved! I also found a calf weaning collar there. Hmm! This caused me to get excited. I looked more and have since found two old foundations and (child's?) grave nearby. This particular meadow may contain more evidence of settlements! I'm looking, when my back permits. ╦╦
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