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Thread: When its too cold to detect

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    Charter Member
    Feb 2005
    MI USA
    Deus XP, AT Pro, Racer 2, Ace 400
    2256 times
    Metal Detecting

    When its too cold to detect

    For me its when the temp consistently dips under 40.
    I still keep my detector in the truck in the hopes of a warming spell, but its not enjoyable freezing while detecting.
    By mid DEC I hang it up until the spring, so realistically I have a few weeks left at most.

    How about you ?

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    Receipt Nazi

    Jun 2017
    Teknetics delta 4000
    1143 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Fair weather detector here. 55 with little wind has been my coldest.
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    Nov 2017
    North East USA Maine
    Raider Gold, Old machine of my Father's
    11 times
    Quote Originally Posted by Xraywolf View Post
    For me its when the temp consistently dips under 40.
    I still keep my detector in the truck in the hopes of a warming spell, but its not enjoyable freezing while detecting.
    By mid DEC I hang it up until the spring, so realistically I have a few weeks left at most.

    How about you ?
    My detecting technique is going to be geared for winter here. I do not plan to do too much digging, seeing as how I can expect snow.

    I have made a plan to "sweep" in areas where there are chances of drops, rings, bracelets, coinage etc. I term it "Street Sweeping". Or if you will "Surface Sweeping". I would like to get a dig or two in in the backyard before snow hits. That will remain to be seen.

    But, essentially I do not plan to stay couped up in the house during winter, I plan to have some type of fun, as boating season wasn't very fruitful and didn't get out on the water too much.

    They key for me is to dress for the season, warm jacket, gloves, hat, and to explore where I will.

    Too cold here for me would be about teen digits, so if it is thirty degrees out I feel a general sweep in a few spots is still entirely doable.

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    Coin Rescue Tech

    Jun 2014
    Northern O-H-I-O
    F75 LTD SE, F70, 1280X Aquanaut, & Fisher F2 (loaner) Have had a TC 1023, Fisher F4, Whites Classic ID II, BH LRP, Tesoro Lobo, F75, & XP Deus.
    14118 times
    Metal Detecting
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    Since I started back in the spring of 2014 I have hunted until the ground freezes or the snow is too deep to make it practical. This means my season January 1st and goes for a week or 2 before the ground freezes and then I rest until the thaw which occurs in mid March. This year since I am not as obsessed as I once was, plus my honey hole has dried up, I might take a few months off. My honey hole was great. Guaranteed to pull $10 in clad in a couple hours no matter the temps. It even produced some older coins dating back to 1864. Looking forward to hunting tomorrow since we are celebrating the holiday with friends and family this Saturday. It's gonns be great. Good food, family, friends and the big game (Ohio State vs the team from up north).

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
    Rescuing Coins 1 Beep at a time

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    Jul 2017
    bounty hunter time ranger bounty hunter quick draw 2
    735 times
    Metal Detecting
    i'v metal detected when it was below 32 degrees
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    RTR is offline

    Nov 2017
    Smith Mt. Lake Va.
    Old cheap ones
    163 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Cold enough to keep the snakes away,is just right 4 me
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    Charter Member
    Feb 2017
    North Central Arkansas
    white's eagle spectrum , White's Spectra V3i, Garrett AT Pro. Garrett AT Pen pointer
    253 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Put your long undies on and go for it.

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    Tired Rooster

    Nov 2011
    Minelabs and Tesoros Several of them....
    528 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    As long as its above freezing is fine. I have detected when the temps were in the 30's before. Fortunately, where I live it only gets really cold (teens - twenties) for a short period of time.
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    ​Deo Vindice

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    Feb 2008
    Great Lakes State
    1818 times
    silver surfing
    Honorable Mentions (1)
    In the 'teens when the ground isn't yet frozen.

    We do get some crazy weather here though.
    Three years ago I was out on Christmas Eve in a lakeshore park in Lower Michigan. Jet skiers were on the lake.
    When I listen to LED ZEPPELIN...so do my neighbors.

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    Feb 2009
    5977 times
    I've hunted in the rain, a blizzard in England for 10hrs once, and many times in weather that has been just over freezing. But I'm a fair weather type of guy where if the hand warmers aren't keeping up, or if i'm not dressed for the hunt well them I'm not a happy camper. I dress like an onion in many layers, -40 Baffin mud boots, Base Camp 240-260 Merino Wool under layer, insulated jeans, insulated coveralls & coat. I've even put the heavy Healy & Hanson rain gear over that. Two sets of hand warmers in each double set of gloves and I'm off for a cold days hunt.
    If I'm snug as bug in a rug then my hunting is fun, it's just the freezing dirt build up on the pinpointer and coil that is a pain to contend with. When the itch is itching one has to do the do and scratch the itch, and sometimes the rewards are worth it.

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    Mar 2003
    Illinois / Oklahoma
    Minelab Explorer SE Pro - Fisher CZ 5
    4919 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (4)
    In Illinois, I will detect until the ground is frozen solid. This usually means I put the detector away in January. Cold temps dont bother me, as I worked outside for 30 years and was always outside in the winter as a youngster. I just dress for the occasion and go with it. Great finds, know no season !! After that, its time to go thru my display cases and reorganize finds, and type the captions to put under them.

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    Charter Member
    Chronic Patriot/Metal Detecting,it`s My Lifestyle !

    Jul 2010
    "Kan-a-we-o-la" Head on a Pole N.Y. Seneca Territory of The Six Nations 1779 Montour Falls N.Y.
    XP Deus, T2 LTD Land or Sea Pointer Garrett Pointer Treasure Wise Diggers T10",T12" & T14" Lesche 28" Ground shark
    3978 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Banner Finds (1)
    Till the snow is to deep,woods digging (does not freeze as deep) is easier than the open ground.
    The deep snow gets to me now ,i used to pack in a snow shovel,in my younger days....hunted through a lot of Winters here...those days are over.
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    I`v been detecting for 48 years owned my own detector shop G.A.P. Metal Detectors here in N.Y.
    See my old adds in Western & Eastern Treasures and Lost Treasure Magazines through the 90s
    I hunt the Sullivan Trail here in N.Y.
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    "Its the Golden Rule who ever has the Gold Rules"

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    Charter Member
    Feb 2015
    4127 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Sometimes the winter months is the only time I can get out and detect. Therefore I always am available to go year round......
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    Jul 2006
    Jefferson, Ga
    BH LRP 1265X, GoldBug II
    1213 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I'm one that voted NEVER. When it gets really cold at home we load the RV and drive South.
    That's one advantage of being retired. Going to Florida in about 10 days.
    If ya can't afford a Texas Instruments machine, Borrow more money.

    Beep, Beep.

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    Charter Member
    Feb 2005
    MI USA
    Deus XP, AT Pro, Racer 2, Ace 400
    2256 times
    Metal Detecting
    Poll geared more towards those who don't have realistic option of warm climate detecting in the winter ... The Nevers lead it so far.
    [I envy those south/west for that reason but to me, great place to visit but would not want to live there]

    Outside of the obvious cold factor, don't see how it would even be possible to dig in frozen MI ground in Jan-March.


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