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Thread: Pssst! Wanna make an outrageous MD video for youtube?

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    Nov 2012
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    Pssst! Wanna make an outrageous MD video for youtube?

    I feel like it's time someone went way, way over the top and put up the funniest Metal detecting video ever. I'm getting tired of funny kittens and funny chicken videos. Will be totally made up, but put together by an award winning professional team - free. And no, you don't get paid, an no we won't credit anybody, and of course you will be able to see it when it's done. I bent some arms for the assistance. Nothing nasty, nothing illegal, nothing off color please. Premise is: I'll start a story, you guys add something to it. Video will about 10 minutes or less, so we can't go TOO overboard, but think of what would be funny and add a line here. (Overboard: a 747 Dreamliner rises out of the hole our intrepid MD user digs). It has to be semi practical to film. This will be a lesson in smoke and mirrors and how videos can be made to look REAL, while being total carp. The goal is entertainment. There will be a disclaimer at the beginning telling the audience this is a work of fiction, just so the hard core won't waste their time watching it. Wait - I'm hard core!

    Exterior Day: The two detectorists are on a farm field, where it has been rumored to be gold, silver, Civil War and even pirate treasure. No one has ever detected it. Oh, the suspense! So we start out telling the audience just that and start swinging.

    The main character gets a signal, and gets excited, he digs down to find - a full can of soda. Clean, no less. Wow, who would have thought? So off they go, another signal is found, it's a...there are a lot of signals here.

    Now your turn: Put something in there. Let's see what we have and I'll pull a story out of it, and it will take about 2-3 months to finish (ground has to thaw first).

    Go for it.

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    Jun 2016
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    Im thinking strange looking eggs that start hatching alien life forms when they are unearthed. but of coarse the egg would have to be made out of some futuristic metal.
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    Mar 2015
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    I was thinking one of those competition style shows where they intro the contestants, their equipment etc and they compete while the narrator does a play by play style commentary. One contestant (perhaps the best) just uses dowsing rods or a dead squirrel. Maybe (s)hes blind and senile. They hunt the gutter while the rest of the competitors hit the beach. Guy1 runs and cuts around guy 2. Guy 2 points his detector at guy 1 and guy 1 falls to his knees and rips off his head phones in apparent agony. Announcer 1 " That was a low blow, he hit him right where it hurts- the ear hole" Announcer 2 " Yea those electromagnetic pulses really wreak havoc on the senses... they must be on the same frequency" Guy 1 from kneeling position points his detector at guy 2 and starts twisting knobs . Guy 2 is digging a target but has a similar reaction. Guy 1 comes up and starts covertly filling the hole back in as guy 2 continues to dig. Suddenly theres a penny. The two scramble for it and are wrestling around...
    Meanwhile contestant 3 takes an unconventional approach. He is rubbing suntan lotion on an elderly woman. He unsnaps her necklace ... (don't worry he'll be disqualified) NEXT lol . I am in Smokey we'd have a good time with this.
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    Nov 2014
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    Need a third digger who's a dunce! His buddy glues a penny to the bottom of his coil and he spends the whole day digging ghost signals.

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    Dec 2004
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    Can sure tell it's winter in here....

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    Sep 2015
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    How about one of them gets a sweet signal, and then realizes it's big. 2' wide x 3 foot long. Have them dig it up , and it turns out to be a treasure chest. They get it out of the hole, and just before they open it, Robert Clotworthy walks into the picture, and say's, "Could it be?" "Is it possible? "Or is it just another Treasure Chest full of pull tabs". Then Geraldo comes in and opens it. Empty. Ah, maybe 1 pulltab Then the two hunters can start wrestling around again.

    Oh, just read your OT again. Maybe this won't fit that. Well it's all I got right now
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    May 2010
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    Sound's like fun! After finding the can of soda, they re-check the hole in the farm field and sure enough there is another signal in the hole. The guy gets down on his knees, puts the pinpointer in the hole, and gets SUCKED IN.. completely disappearing!

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    Jan 2017
    Grants Pass, Oregon
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    I was thinking uncovering a beautiful neckless made of pull-tabs. Treasure Gods know that we have all dug enough of them to create a suit of "chain mail"
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    Nov 2012
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    If I get enough responses, we can do this. I get a kick out of some of the stuff out there.....

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    Jan 2017
    Grants Pass, Oregon
    1411 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Just one more thought Smokey. On a ocean beach, small rusty sign tucked in tall sea grass?, sign reads "Caution, possible unexploded ordnance" Metal Detector guy in the distance whipping a coil back and forth, stops on a target, plants shovel, "EXPLOSION" nothing left out there but a hole. Kind of like one of the "Monty Python" things they did. And then a small group of fellow detectorist rush over and begin detecting in the same spot, until one of them holds up a penny or gold tooth?
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    Dec 2009
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    Perhaps one of the detectorists has been digging holes all day and finding nothing only to realize he mistakenly wore his steel-toed boots that day.
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    Oct 2013
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    How about a guy or girl gets the best signal they've had all day next to a tree. When they start to dig they disturb a hornets nest and get attacked and have to call it a day. All they can think about is what's in the hole, they can't sleep keep dreaming about gold coins,silver,relics,rings, everything on a detectorists bucket list. Finally they make it back with a homemade beekeeper suit and start digging. When he finally sees his treasure in the hole his digging partner realized that it was his pinpointer he accidentally buried years earlier.
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    Nov 2012
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    MORE outrageous, please.

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    Mar 2010
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    Haha I work in the film industry and an Actor and Stuntman and my head is just filling up with ideas.. Ill put something together in a bit and post! Thanks

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    Jan 2012
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    have a hunter get a signal and go nuts like the diggers do - running and summer saults - other hunter says to camera
    "he must have a good one" - 1st guy runs by yelling "BEES!"

    Guy gets a hit digs finds skeleton (you'll have to find a fake skeleton - maybe Halloween surplus) - clears the area - finds detector in skeletons hand (bury an old machine with it)
    I have plenty if you need one -old machines that is

    a friend of mine actually did this - was on a relic hunt and found an old tampon tube and asked the guy running the hunt "what period do you think this is from?"

    have guy get a target - jump up running around "I got milk!...I got milk!" guy runs towards other partner and either runs into the camera and gets knocked out or
    has a heart attack and hits the ground - partner walks over and opens his hand and says "Got milk...that's not a cow ..its a buffalo" starts to walk away -
    shrugs and goes back and takes it on him

    I'm a prankster - I can come up with a ton of ideas - a few yrs ago I was going to try and do a parody on diggers - just never found the time
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