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Thread: Even with permission do you hunt a graveyard???

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    Nov 2012
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    I wouldn't bother.
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    Jul 2017
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    no i wouldn't but my pawpaw told about a cemetery way back into the woods he wanted us to go find some old relics to get an idea where it was long story short never found ain't doing it again
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    Jun 2015
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    Not a snowball's chance! Bad karma and very disrespectful (with the obvious exceptions already noted in this thread). I'm near a very old (late 18th century) but still active cemetery within a 1/10th of a mile from my home. It still has the iron rings in the granite slabs in the stone wall where horses were hitched. Technically, the 10 or 12 feet between those walls and the modern road are town property and NOT cemetery, but still too close for me.
    By the way, I learned years ago during a walking tour of Charleston that a graveyard is on church grounds and a cemetery is outside church grounds. (More useless trivia that's stuck in my head).

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    Sep 2015
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    Sep 2017
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    Feb 2009
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    Have been offered up detecting two sites in the last 10 yrs by property owners.
    First was a site of a cellar hole and was given permission. He pointed out the tract of field on the other side of the barn and stated that it was a native burial ground, and I could hunt it all I wanted as it didn't matter.
    "Thank you-but no thank you"
    Second one was just a yr back now and the farmer told me of the trail that led up to a forgotten cemetery and that I could hunt around the graves all I wanted.
    "I explained that it wasn't a place to detect, but thanked him anyways"

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    Nov 2010
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    I wouldnt even detect in a cemetery parking lot. Not that it would bug me, but it wouldnt take long before everyone would think I was digging up graves. Im sure it would be nice hunting, but since this is an odd type of hobby, its best to just keep a low profile. Anyone that hunts tot lots, must be weird and suspect of most anything!

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    Dec 2008
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    I’ve never hunted a actual cemetery where the graves were but my family cemetery I looked in the dirt drive with my great grandma and dad. Found some pearl earrings and two mercury dimes in the same hole my great grandma remembers her aunt wearing at her cousins funeral.
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    Digging up relics one day at a time. Always looking for fellow detectorist to go out with and enjoy this hobby. Been swinging a coil going on 24 years now this year and loving every minute of it.

    Everyone is just one swing away from finding that one target to change your whole life

    Also I want to thank all my great friends on here for keeping me going through all these years. Couldn't do it without yall.

    Visit my YouTube Channel: Relic Recovery Specialist. Will be adding new videos every day. Thanks for the support everyone.

    http://www.youtube.com/user/relic recovery specialist

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    Nov 2012
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    If you knowingly hunt a cemetery I think it’s wrong both legally and morally.
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    Apr 2017
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    Accidentally did once. Wasnt aware that the upright stones represented headstones. Dawned on me... Very remote abandoned native graveyard. umm nope , switched off and walked away. Thinking back it was very quiet signal wise. On the upside I found a silver three pence later that day when I got back to where I was supposed to be.


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    Mar 2010
    Southwest Georgia
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    Not without written permission of the residents!
    My wife does all the driving, I just hold the steering wheel.

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    Jun 2013
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    Bad juju
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    Dec 2004
    East Central Kentucky
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    I guess most of you have a problem with digging up the Great Pyramids/burial chambers too.....lol

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    Jun 2015
    NW CT
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1320 View Post
    I guess most of you have a problem with digging up the Great Pyramids/burial chambers too.....lol
    You are correct, sir.

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    Jul 2015
    s.tier NY
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    hello....hello ..you guys are missing something ...do your research....things were different back in the day ...before automobiles ..use your heads....
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