Minelab pro swing setup?
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    Apr 2016
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    Minelab pro swing setup?

    Where do you all hook the bungee onto your machine at? I put mine down on the shaft about a foot below the detector body/screen, I have a sunray pinpointer and that's about the only place to attach it.. I'm not sure I like it.. my swing is way shorter than normal and I feel like I'm always pushing on the bungee to reach somewhere I can't.. I guess if I hunted flat school yards all the time it might be ok.. but in the up and down places I hunt.. not so sure..

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    Mine is just above the hand grip on the screen side.
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    Hello Blkcloud, I recently purchased a Pro Swing and I attach it at the top of the hand grip just under the screen. I first tried it lower on the shaft under the control box but the bungee would cross my sight line to the screen. The support rod was giving me fits.. popping out of the pockets nearly every time I dug. I took the rod out and it works great (for me) without it. It takes some getting used to but it sure makes swinging heavier detectors a lot easier! I keep my pinpointer and finds bag on the left of the belt and Lesche digger on the right.



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