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Thread: Banner votes

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    Nov 2017
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    Banner votes

    How many 'Banner' votes (for a giving item posted on this site ) does it take, to get on the Banner list ?
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    Dec 2015
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    All depends on the Mod squad lol some things dont get banner even with alot of votes

    Approved TreasureNet Stickers

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    (Free Shipping)

    SEE: TreasureNet Bumper Stickers

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    Sep 2009
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    From what I’ve noticed since I’ve joined , it’s about not only rarity but a story and description oh how they felt to find it.

    ive seem so many people post “ Gold Coin” and not a word about where or how they found it. I know personally I would be losing my mind in a state of shock.

    But that’s just how I perceive it.

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    Jul 2006
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    Banner info is posted in the help forum.

    Attention Members Updated Rules for Banner Threads

    Quote Originally Posted by River Rat View Post
    While we don't have any firm criteria, we follow these general guidelines...

    Finds must be significant, and plausible.
    Finds / posts must be RECENT.
    Images must be hosted on the TreasureNet server.
    Posts with great stories are more likely to be selected.
    If the post is one of the members first posts, it is less likely to be selected.
    Finds must look good in the banner

    I Don't do all the Banners But
    besides the above , I Like "Rare to the Banner Finds"
    not necessarily "Rare according to the Books"

    Books can be wrong.

    & YES Your Banner Nominations Do Count.
    But I Personally don't count the word "Banner" in a Post
    only the ones in Reports.

    Also the find must be found by TNet individual YOU.
    Making matters worst, is nominating your own find for the banner.

    Quote Originally Posted by jeff of pa View Post
    Please note *


    For all Future Banner Submissions

    ""willingness to share information " will be added to the criteria.

    This does not mean members need to I.d. their hunting Spot.

    This means if questions on the Object ,
    including but not limited to extra photos of the object etc. are ignored.

    Banner will no longer be considered.

    Banner Recipients should show that much Appreciation to those who voted.
    and not be Hit & run Members

    Quote Originally Posted by jeff of pa View Post
    Attachment 1206748

    Attachment 1206749

    new rule addition

    Banners will not be considered if member does not give a variety of
    posses of the Find in question
    , preferably but not limited to When it is originally Found.

    We like Insitu and / or at least plenty of Identifiabley cleaned poses
    so each Banner pic can look unique from what else is up there.
    if your like me & don't do insitu that is fine.
    we also prefer pics of all the days finds.

    no body goes out , finds a banner coin on the first dig and goes home.

    if you do, I want your luck

    Seriously, We want entertaining Posts to make banner !

    Take us with you on your Hunt.... at least in Spirit
    This is Banner we are talking about.

    Since seeing several Requests We are going back to the Old Way &

    Since Members seem to mainly Vote for posts in Today's Finds .
    Posts in Other Forums like Beach & Shallow Water, shipwrecks,
    North American Indian Artifacts, gold prospecting , bottles etc. do Not require the Same numbers of votes. and may be bannered just by Moderator prerogative. to remind you they are there.

    And as Marc would say; "Shake things up a Little"

    Quote Originally Posted by jeff of pa View Post
    please Note.

    Because of recent Unfortunate happenings.

    If you receive a Banner & remove your pictures after.
    your banner & right to future Banners will be Removed !

    If You post something & Do Not wish to be considered for Banner
    Say so in your opening Post, Or PM Me & tell me to Ignore banner votes on your Find.

    It saves Both of us Time, & Prevents Confusion & hard feelings.
    Last edited by Treasure_Hunter; Oct 26, 2018 at 03:34 PM.

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    No Expiration Date!

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    Well, THAT clears up the mystery!
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    Jun 2015
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    Underwater B.B. stacking
    Forgive me for being off topic, but Terry, that is F U N N Y !

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    Feb 2015
    Fullerton CA
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Soloman View Post
    Well, THAT clears up the mystery!
    Anything That Comes Out of The Dirt Is Awesome!

    Best find 1941 Patek Philippe 2 register flat pusher Chronograph Bought 1,000 Sold 62,000 !!
    First Year 911 Porsche Purchased 36K SOLD 140K!!! Whoo Hoo

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    Aug 2018
    SW Missouri
    Garrett All Terrain Pro
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Soloman View Post
    Well, THAT clears up the mystery!
    Guess I should have posted mine from Monday cause the guys in New Contest thread thought it was Civil War era or maybe even prehistoric
    But there was no good story to go with it.
    Still, if Robert E. Lee buried his boots in a lead box and they were uncovered, I would think that would make Banner even if the finder posted pics and he wrote "Looky what I found cause I lost my lighter in my yard and was usng my detector to look for it."
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    You may forget but let me tell you this: someone in some future time will think of us-Sappho

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    Dec 2003
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    One thing Everyone should Realize.

    a Member Complaining He didn't get Banner,
    Would Disqualify Himself, Even if he was Close
    Last edited by jeff of pa; Oct 27, 2018 at 04:43 AM.

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    Nov 2012
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    Like Jeff and Treasure Hunter said. Banners have to be something really cool. I just love seeing all the stuff others find. Now Crusader seems to do best, he is on the other side of the pond and finds some really cool stuff. It's amazing over this side, we still occasionally get a way out of place Roman coin or Byzantine coin or some such thing, probably from long lost coin collections.

    Now....must go dig something. This was the week of forged 18th century iron junk and shredded aluminum. Sometimes you get the gold mine, sometimes not.



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