"Well, I just like finding money."
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Thread: "Well, I just like finding money."

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    Jul 2010
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    "Well, I just like finding money."

    I see both sides, being that finding coins frequently during the beginning of this hobby was and is simply fun, but...for me, it takes at least one old coin, mainly silver, to feel I had a good day. A few of my cohorts who I detect with sorta get glossy-eyed over brags others hype after just one old silver, and hardly any amount of clad to speak of, making the statement, "Well, I just like finding money."

    In my personal opinion, I like coin HUNTING, and even though a pile of clad does count, it just ain't the same as finding really old, not-made-anymore coins. A mixture of both clad and silver is premier for me, but my day "gets made" when I see silver in the hole.

    Just finding money, where I live, won't generally pay for a fast food meal, much less the gasoline and wear and tare on the vehicle to get to a hunt spot. Just finding money still feels good and keeps me out there. I love seeing the machine perform accurately on clad. To me though, I sense the folks saying they just like finding money are kinda feeling a little defensive over a coin hunter finding a few old silvers(or just one), but not much else.

    I still go to places and expect only clad finds, so I hunt both styles. My crew of hunt buddies who "coin hunt" is much smaller than the overall crew who "coin shoots."

    I guess what I am asking is, "Do coin hunters bragging about silver finds, agitate coin shooters who look for a high clad count?" Just curious.
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    Jan 2017
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    Personally I could care less if someone is agitated one way or another, just keep doing what you like to do an what others think is their problem. I avoid clad places like the plague if I can. only if there is known old history there will I go to a place where one can dig a lot of clad. have several small baseball fields and sports parks near me absolutely loaded with clad, even have possibility of the latest silver(rosies and washingtons) but I don't go because it doesn't interest me. I would rather dig a bunch of worthless interesting relics with the possibility of 1 old coin that dig clad any day of the week.
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    "Is that a Geiger Counter?"

    Feb 2006
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    Doesn't bother me either way. Just fill your holes.

    I dig and keep to spend the clad i find while searching for older copper or silver coins. If the clad keeps me in batteries and perhaps even gas . . . so much the better.

    To take a gun analogy further: a "shooter" is someone who takes an opportunity on animals at close or long range and knows his weapon very well. A "hunter" is someone with more woodcraft skills who stalks a specific animal (like the dominate buck in an area he has pre-scouted to discover) and gets up close because he knows the animal very well. They can overlap.

    So a coin hunter may be someone who researched a region to have a basis for where to look for older/silver coins. I respect that.
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    Im past the clad period ill probably jammed up every coin counting machines at all my local grocery stores in town. I love the old stuff the buffaloes, Vs, wheats and of course the silver especially the Spanish and my ultimate favorite the old American silver as in half dimes or anything like that. But basically ANYTHING from the 1800s just rocks my world
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    Sep 2009
    Fort Worth,Texas
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    I wouldn't say I would ever go out to a place only expecting Clad, to me it wouldn't be worth it.

    I have a couple different styles of hunting. I mainly look for old coins and relics, thats my top priority.

    Second would be an "old" sports field or school, where I still have the option of finding old coins, but also jewelry.

    Then there are my beach/water hunts. Where i'm mainly looking for Silver and Gold.

    With those being my only real hunting criteria, Im still able to manage $400+ yearly in clad. And they is always put into Coinstar for an Amazon Gift card with no fees, which pretty much pays for my kids Christmas.

    So with all that being said...Clad to me isn't what I would ever look for...But with it being my "junk" finds...I have no problem digging it up.

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    Jun 2014
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    I still enjoy this hobby after 5 years. AT first I was obsessed, I detected every free minute that 1st 8 months. I consider it dirt fishing. No license required, no bait to be bought. Of course we all like to pull in that trophy fish, but there are occasions where I will kill some time fishing for brim. I think most of you will get the analogy.

    My obsession has now evolved in to a great hobby that allows me to get out most every weekend day for a a few hours. I enjoy just getting out with the headphones on, geared up, and the detector set right for the site and compete against the ground to pull brim, some trash and trophies.

    I am so glad I discovered this hobby and know it will keep me occupied during retirement sometime in the future, God willing.

    Good Luck and Happy Hunting
    Rescuing Coins 1 Beep at a time



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