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    nomad roman numeral 2

    Nov 2009
    nomads land
    any tector i can get my hands on
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    i dont know what it is ? the older i get ? the more i fell like a mushroom. i cant get a direct answer ? the doctors take my money and i feel worse. the lawyers take my money and leave me in limbo. and my life is in the gutter. am i the only one that experiences this ? what do do now ? i cant even deal with life. i wonder if there are other life forms in the galaxy...............beyond ? maybe they would be easier to live with ? i hate the holidays i wonder what they celebrate ?

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    Aug 2012
    Niagara falls
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    Keep metal detecting. That’s all that matters. I always feel better when I’m out detecting.

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    Dec 2012
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    May 2014
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    There is only one thing that cures my blues, that's sleeping on the ground for at least a week, way the hell out in the Wilderness.
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    The following is the opinion of the writer and if you don't like it you can stick it.

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    Apr 2009
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    Feeling like a mushroom is not necessarily a bad thing. I can think of much worse..
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    May 2005
    Drake, Costa Rica
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    Quote Originally Posted by Escape View Post
    Feeling like a mushroom is not necessarily a bad thing. I can think of much worse..
    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	1656206
    yea, but a good dose will make you sicker than hell (like the hippy image)
    have found that living alone, within myself, is far more peaceful
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    Mar 2016
    Garrett GTA 1000 PowerMaster
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    That's a lot of stuff to be carrying around. Can you afford to talk to a therapist, or do you have a good friend or pastor who is a good listener? Maybe they can help you try to deal with one thing at a time. As for the doctors, they have basically been taught to deal with symptoms with drugs, rather than getting to the source of the problem. Western medicine is a bit archaic, despite advances in technology. If you are concerned about your health, it is best to educate yourself. I love Dr. Bergman and Dr. Berg on YouTube.
    Good luck.

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    nomad roman numeral 2

    Nov 2009
    nomads land
    any tector i can get my hands on
    2404 times
    Quote Originally Posted by digging440yrs View Post
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    its more complicated tan that. you just cant relate.u just cant.

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    Aug 2018
    SW Missouri
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    Quote Originally Posted by nomad 11 View Post
    its more complicated tan that. you just cant relate.u just cant.
    How is it more complicated?
    First, I would suggest you take charge of your health. You are the only one who is responsible for that. Try taking T.C. Clarke's liquid essential vitamins and their minerals to start. I will PM you the link to these on Amazon. That is a good place to start as you may feel so due to lack of these things.
    Why couldn't people relate? People post only the good stuff in their lives on here,fb, and elsewhere usually, and you might naturally think your life sucks by comparision. But everyone else is not living perfect fabulous lives.
    People just post the good things. You may never know what sort of hardship they do not talk about.
    Life can overwhelm us if we let it. Don't fixate on the forest- look at the little thing you can do now. By starting with each component of your problems and fixing what you can, you can start to make headway.
    Whatever problems you have there are others who have been there.
    Embrace Christmas. Set up a tree and string lights. Buy your pet presents to open. Tune your radio to one of those stations that play holiday music 24-7. This is what I do cause my family has mostly started treating Christmas as just another day.
    If you want to PM me and talk specifically about your problems feel free. I might be able to suggest things I've learned which helped, even though my life has been sooo perfect
    If creatures who can do star travel show up we would be as pets to them at best, and at worst they might wipe us out or enslave us to take our resources. So no anime space girl for me, I guess.
    Your life is your canvas. You are free to create whatever art of it you wish (keeping an eye on the police patrols of course).
    Do something you enjoy every day.
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    You may forget but let me tell you this: someone in some future time will think of us-Sappho

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    May 2018
    A state of Resistance
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    I'm sorry that you are suffering. IMO, there are so many distractions and temptations and they can be overwhelming at times. Have you found something in the past that brought you some solace and clarity at times like this? When I was in college over 4 decades ago, I paid for it myself by working too much. And I was involved in many activities and always took on an excess class workload because I viewed additional courses to be free once full-time status was met. And I would not accept less than the best performance. An A was not good enough if another student got a higher A. The result was overwhelming and exhausting, both physically and emotionally. There were times when I just had to recharge my spirit. For me, that was a walk on a wild New England beach in foul and/or windy winter weather. Not only did it sustain me spiritually, but with sustenance because so much shellfish washed ashore as a gift to me.

    Now that I'm older and retired, even with too many hobbies, I still like to return to simplicity. Sometimes reading a book by the fire, with a cat in my lap, in my favorite chair is enough. Other times, playing and laughing and being silly with my grandson does it. I don't always feel like giving blood to the Red Cross, but doing something for someone else is important, and I have been donating blood since 1975. Do you like the company of animals? Have you considered volunteering at an animal shelter. Every one near me needs more volunteers to feed, walk, clean up and comfort dogs and cats.

    There are kind people here on Tnet, but few of us are professionals who might be able to help you. And none of us can know what you are going through. I hope you can find peace. And I hope it helps that there are people here who care enough to respond - even though we really don't know. Please don't be afraid to seek out a professional.
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    WolfPack member

    Aug 2009
    New Hampshire
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    The Truth
    Don't sweat the small stuff.If you're overwhelmed by the problems you discribed,how will you handle it if something drastic happens.

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    Nov 2018
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    Try to keep your mind at peace.
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