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Thread: Kentucky hunter bags TWO HEADED buck

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    Feb 2008
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckshot View Post
    Self taught taxidermist here. A friend and I did a large mink about a decade go. Skinned it, non-iodized salt and borax, wring out the oil, salt and borax, wring out the oil, repeat. Filled it up with Great Stuff Foam, the window and door formula. Turned out the right shape and all, did not smell, but we could not get it to look like a mink. Could not get the ears to stand right and the jaw was a little screwy.
    A month ago on the way home, I unintentionally hit a big buck mink with my pickup. Stopped and observed the animal was in good shaped, and tossed it in the back of truck. When I arrived home, that big weasel was wide awake (but seriously injured) and watching me with beady eyes. I quickly put an end to that and now the pelt is being prepped for home tanning.
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    I heard the same type of story in southern Vermont about 20 years ago from some old hunting buddies, creepy
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    “I was a kid once, but I wasn’t very good at it”

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    I’ve heard of but never actually seen this before until now. Wow! Thanks for sharing.
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    I've seen dogs do that.
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    WOW! I wonder how hard buck #2 had to work to get rid of 90% of buck #1. Makes you wonder!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gold boy View Post
    image your setting in your stand and that came tromping through the woods
    Probably Smelled him, before he saw him coming.

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    That's Amazing. I thought at first glance of the pic they were Siamese Twins. lol!

    I saw two bucks locked together in a pond once. They obviously had fought, got locked together, fell in and drowned. Neither was really decomposed at all and it was during the rut so I don't think it happened long before I saw them.

    I hope there's a pic after the mount...That will take a talented taxidermist.



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