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Thread: New Milford, CT Poacher

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    Quote Originally Posted by SD51 View Post
    Just a thought... maybe a nice Christmas gift might help.
    Great idea SD...I'll pop over with some of the wife's home made cookies...he's had a few weeks to ponder the fact that we did no wrong. Ddf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtdigginfool View Post
    We recently lost a GREAT farm permission, a site I dug my first (and only) KG...One Saturday this summer we hunted one field while waiting for the beans to come off the juicy field. This is a standing permission, the only rule is we have to contact the farmer before going. So after waiting what seemed like FOREVER, beans came off. We contact the farmer and he says no deal. He saw 4 or 5 vehicles in the field we were in the next day, with 10 or so bozos stumbling around with detectors. He thought that that was us, with friends, without notification. Seems someone saw us detecting and decided it was ok to drag their entire clan out there. Can you believe that out of TEN people detecting, not ONE door knocked of asked permission. Thanks guys!!! I hope they all dig nothing but pull tabs and can slaw for the rest of their detecting careers. This permission was a home run...even tho they didn't hunt the good site, they caused us to not be able to. I drove past that farm about every other day to check the beans, or lack thereof...only to get denied when they did come off. He might cool off and come around, we plan on contacting him this spring. Really, really blows my mind. Thx for listening to my rant...Ddf out.
    I hope he realizes it wasn't your fault and gives you permission again. If anyone is looking for a second income, I foresee a market for "new" No Trespassing signs. The new ones will say:




    HH (For as long as it lasts)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dts52 View Post
    Hopefully this guy isn't a TNet'r. If he is and you are reading this, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You are a slob and a poacher and you nearly cost me a new permission that I haven't had the chance to hunt yet.

    I got permission to hunt this farm in August and have been saving it as a sort of "last hurrah" for the season as our ground is freezing up pretty fast here. When I called the land owner today to let him know I'd be there Friday morning he told me that last week a MD'r interrupted the deer hunt of him and two guests. When confronted, the guy with the MD'r told him that since the land wasn't posted, he thought it was open to MDing. BS! Boy, does that pi$$ me off! Everyone knows how stupid that sounds. My front yard isn't posted so does that mean anyone can come and MD there? Can you guess what would happen if you did?

    I was eventually able to calm the property owner down after listening to a lot of comments about "you people" (meaning MD'rs) and the nerve, who do "you people" think you are, etc. etc. I was able to convince him that his trespasser was an exception and that almost no one hunts without specific permission. I told him that he should have called the police and had the guy arrested. He agreed but pointed out that the process would have ruined what was left of the day. He also mentioned that the guy was wearing no orange, just all brown and was in the field which was being hunted by 3 people with high-powered rifles. If this landowner wasn't someone who has known me for years, I'm sure he would have told me to go pound sand.

    Number 1 rule: Only hunt where you have permission

    Number 2 rule: If the property isn't posted with No Trespassing signs, refer to rule #1.

    To the rest of you: HH
    Ahh..the old “there wasn’t any signs (so I figured I could take your stuff) excuse.
    Heard that one used here numerous times.
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    All treasures found with permission on private property or on active mining claims.

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    yeah, there be a lot of jabronies here in CT.

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    Unfortunately the saying we all grew up hearing: "it Only Takes One" is true. Especially in our hobby. I'm glad you were able to keep your permission intact. All the hunters in these Jugheads area ought to learn their address and carry and unload All their Trash in their yard.

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    My little piece of land is like Grand Central. Thieves, poachers, parkers, you name it. I've found it all, even panties, but the thing that has p!ssed me off the worst (so far) was when I found where some sorryass roofer dumped a load of shingles out there. Won't rot. Won't burn. They just lay there sucking and running my BP up every time I see 'em. And what's worse, I'm sure he charged his customer for the landfill fee.
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