Anyone ever Mudlark the Thames in England?
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Thread: Anyone ever Mudlark the Thames in England?

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    Anyone ever Mudlark the Thames in England?

    Thinking of going. Anyone had any experience? Tall tales? Exaggerations? The Dirt?

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    Lots of good videos out there. Have you checked them out?
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    Yes, I have, but some are real and some are Memorex, to quote the old commercial.

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    I think you have to have a permit and you have to me a citizen of the realm - meaning no foreigners
    you get caught and penalty can be stiff - if you are just walking along and look down in mud and pick up a relic
    you can get turned in - they take it very seriously over there
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    I have a permit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokeythecat View Post
    I have a permit.
    Hi Smokey Which permit do you have and did you get round the criteria that you must documentation that you have listings of british relics handed over for historical evaluation by the British Archeology . Please explain TP

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    Knew a couple folks who did this, one out of France and one out of Canada. They both said it was per invitation only on certain dates and both had gone with the same club.

    Both also said that they found nothing of interest to them.
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    I have a guide, and he will take of all the legal stuff. Any newer stuff does not have to be reported.
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    It is a lot of money for the whole trip, but I also get to sightsee, take some of those black cabs, fly into Iceland, maybe get some Aurora Borealis, and jump up and down on a $300 a night bed! Plus there's a Papa John's and a Subway literally 3 blocks from the hotel.
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