How was your Thing year (2018)?
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Thread: How was your Thing year (2018)?

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    May 2011
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    How was your Th'ing year (2018)?

    I couldn't get out much metal detecting as I wanted. I did have a coinstar streak going. I had a few good finds. I enjoy seeing everybody's finds on here! How was your year?

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    Dec 2007
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    Sucked. Don't get out enough. One gold ring. One silver ring. '63 Ben, one Merc, one Buff Nic, and twenty or so wheats. Not sure how much clad, maybe $20. Well below my goals.
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    Feb 2013
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    Most of my year was pretty slow, except for December. The reason for that was because I just couldn't find a good site, everything was either empty, hunted out, and/or trashed. Between February and November I did manage to find both halves of a nice early 1700's spoon mold, a couple complete shoe buckles, and a good amount of buttons and maybe some other relics. My only coins were a rough flying eagle, a few Indian Heads, a Merc and silver Rosie, and a bunch of wheats (Nearly all pre 1920 for some reason). In December, after finding a decent site, I was able to find my anti stamp act button that made banner, 5 or 6 coppers, an 1812 button (my dad found one too), a huge complete shoe buckle, many shoe buckle parts, and a ton of colonial buttons. My dad also found a complete silver knee buckle at that site this December.
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    As far as water hunting, this was one of my better years. But my land detector needs repairs and so I barely took it out. Hoping for a new one this year.
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