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Thread: Where would you Start to hunt this place and How ? Pictures

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    I always start at the sidewalk, or what should be the sidewalk coming from the front door. Then radiate from there. Good luck.
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    Exterior doors outward, as others have mentioned. Works for me.
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    First I would bring a wide snow shove and push all the stuff on the floor into a pile and look for unevenly spaced boards. I’ve been in 2 houses that had a hidden floor door. These doors where under carpets and we’re used for hiding valuables. Then I would start at the south east corner of the house because farmers didn’t trust banks back then and would hide valuables including cash in containers in the ground near the south east corner because less snow build up in that corner during winter months and would be easier to get to their valuables. I also agree with looking for loose bricks in and around fireplaces. My neighbor had a painter come in to paint his house when he was away and when he came back his money was missing. He stashed it behind 2 removable bricks on the side of his fireplace. The fireplace was painted by the painter so my neighbor knew right away who took the money. Then I would look for old foundations that may have been used for a storage shed or barn. Good luck.
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    Outhouse & or a path to it.And around the biggest trees on the property.
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    Interesting and old looking permission - I would start by asking questions of the current owner .Any info she has - old platt maps , boundary lines , some of these old records/deeds, may show where outbuildings once stood , and privies as well. If the owner doesn't know much , perhaps some neighbors do . Research the property with the help of a nearby library .. librarians can be a great resource in helping you get some history on that place . Keep us posted on what you find out and on what you find !
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    Hi ,Make sure Penny Wise has gone out for the day.TP
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    IMHO: Dig everything! Start in the inside floor, walls and brick chimney. For the outside you need to grid the entire area in multiple direction. Do not forget the wooded area, under trees and roadways. This will give you something to do for awhile!

    Good Luck on your adventure!
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    put that coil to the ground and start swinging.
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    Can I go with you?
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    Don't forget the well.
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    Lunch Bag

    Dec 2018
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    As a beginner I really appreciate the fantastic advice and tips posted.

    Can’t wait to see what you find!
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    oh man what a permission.

    on the inside if their are linoleum floors look around the edges. People used to slip gold and silver coins there. also look at stairs and between the stair step and riser. These are two places that I have heard about inside old homes.

    on the outside see if there are any fence post or post holes depressions in site of the main room's windows. Post hole banks were popular during the bank failure period of America. They would bury their money in jars in a hole near a fence post that was visible from a window of a room that was used a lot.

    good luck and have fun. Great that you found her horse. Horses are very special animals.
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    Oct 2010
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    Go through it and under it thoroughly for bottles, then worry about detecting the grounds. Just the look of those floor joists is enough to get me to crawling.
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    Aug 2013
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    Congratulations on the awesome permission Gary! I’d start at the back door and work my way in or out.
    Great way to locate the missing horses with a drone.
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    Apr 2017
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    Im with Oddjob....fireplace first

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