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Thread: Where would you Start to hunt this place and How ? Pictures

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    Nice reward for a good deed! Lots of good advice in these posts. A bottle hunter would approach this differently that a coin hunter. As a coin hunter, I like to know, or infer, the location of the outhouse and the clothesline - the the most likely route to them. Can you ask if there are any old photos of the place? Was there a root cellar? Were potatoes kept in the basement? (Some people tossed a large cent into a pile of potatoes as the copper had some fungicide properties.)
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    Detect it? Hell I have payed rent to live in worse places than that. Good luck whatever should be interesting
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    Good Morning Gare, Well in 18 days you've received some Stellar research and hunting suggestions as the Tnet 'family' have stepped up to the plate with some great inputs. However Ma Nature may have stepped in to thwart your searching of the area with either snow or solidly frozen ground, that would be a shame. But then if that is the case, it gives you months to do your paper research for compiling all the answers into a search pattern for when the spring thaw arrives.

    We sure would appreciate your sharing with us once you can Do Something out on that hill, we drool over pictures! Best of success for all of your endeavors!......................63bkpkr
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