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Thread: Sensitivity question

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    Mar 2018
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    Sensitivity question

    I have been metal detecting now for a little over a year and really enjoy it and the places I discover. One of the things I keep wondering about is while detecting if a straw blade of grass or pine straw contacts detector plate it pings in the 80's and will sometimes go absolutely nuts where I have to turn the detector off to make it stop. I've read everything I can find to troubleshoot but nothing like it is mentioned. Any ideas or is this normal?
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    It is normal, if you lower your sensitivity it will clear up a lot but remember lowering sensitivity also lowers the depth you get.

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    yes it is normal, it is what we call falsing, if you do as TH says it should resolve the issue.
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    Feb 2006
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    If you take a detector outdoors where it is silent and hold it out horizontal and tap the coil with your hand (firmly but not a slap - no jewelry on your hand or arm) it should not beep.

    Sometimes windings in the coil are not right and it will give false readings when bumped. I think they call that a "microphonic" coil fault.
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    I used an Ace250 for a couple years and what you are describing would happen if I was near some kind of electrical interference. Could be visible overhead lines or buried or invisible dog fence. The A250 would also give a beep if you bumped the coil into something, but not go crazy like you are describing, this happened with electrical interference.
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    Make sure the connections are tight too...Ive seen it before where it goes nuts and the coil connection was loose.

    Good luck!

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    Good info

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    Check the following: Coil connection at the control box, coil scuff cover for dirt...etc. and firmly secure your coil wire. I run my coil wires 12" - 15" straight up the shaft securing with velcro every 6" - 8", then wrap to the coil box. I hope you do not have a bad coil.

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