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Thread: Western & Eastern Treasures going all digital? Say it ainít so!

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    Aug 2015
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    In all honesty, most mags aren't worth more then a 2 years' subscription. They tend to just re-hash old articles.

    PopSci has been running the Flying Car is 5 Years Away article for 50+ years.

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    Nov 2015
    Western USA
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    I was very saddened to read this as well, as I have been a print subscriber to W&E Treasures magazine for many years. I’m old-school, preferring something to hold versus something digital. Whenever I go on a trip by car, train, or airplane I ALWAYS have a printed book to read with me, usually several. I almost always have a copy of W&E with me as well.

    The irony of my emotions is twofold, as one, I am the editor for a large online website (nothing to do with treasure hunting) and have been doing that for going on 18 years, so digital is normal for me. And two, as a cache hunter I have always said that the Internet is the single greatest research tool ever created by mankind. It’s far from the only research tool that one needs, but for sheer volume, ease, and speed of access, it can’t be beat.

    When it comes to print versus digital, I do remember one occasion where I wanted to find a specific tip that I read in a book, and I remembered which book it was. (Thankfully I have a pretty good memory, even once quoting an article from a magazine I had read ten years prior.) But it still took me nearly 30 minutes to find that important bit of info. If I had that book in a digital format (not an option for it), I could have easily had that tip in about 30 seconds or less from a simple keyword search.

    So, while I still would prefer a printed copy due to my old-school ways, I will transition over to the digital version and be thankful that W&E Treasures magazine is still around, and finding articles/information out of past issues will be much faster. Although I’m not getting rid of my hard copy material anytime soon, even if it is less efficient.
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    Jan 2017
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    Well, I too found out yesterday about the "digital only" future of W&E, and I really was saddened by it. For many years I've enjoyed sitting down with a "Printed" copy of a good magazine, or reading a really good paperback book. The laptop for me is more of a tool, one I use to "look up" information, or to dabble a bit on Ancestry, and to start my mornings with Treasure Net, like now. The "printed" material is again for me, a simple pleasure to enjoy reading in a recliner with my feet up, in my own little world. I have no interest to read any book or magazine "on line". I would take past copies to metal detector meetings for anyone to take home, and I would always keep a couple of copies in my car for anyone who would approach me while detecting who was clearly interested about detecting. Seems that has now ended. I really have no interest to continue a magazine subscription that I can't hold in hand. I subscribe to ARCHAEOLOGY, WORLD ARCHAEOLOGY, HISTORY REVEALED, and BBC HISTORY magazine's, all of which I enjoy at my leisure. If THEY were to go "digital only", I would no longer continue with those either, but it is what it is, can't change it. So then, here's a question, just like others, I recently signed on with W&E for two more years, can I "opt out" for "digital only" and receive a refund for the remainder of my subscription? Probably not.
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    Oct 2016
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    Printed is relaxing before going to sleep. I have found that even my own sales only a small fraction are Kindle (digital) compared to printed paperbacks.

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    Aug 2008
    Tesoro DeLeon & Cortes

    We are all getting screwed

    Like many others I like the paper version. I usually pay more for the paper. However I feel that W&E have screwed a lot of us. I just renewed my subscription for two years for $62 Now on their website they selling a one year digital for $15! Also I haven't gotten their letter "how to get the digital copy" and their site gives no help. And Tesoro closing just after buying a new Cortes. Seems like our hobby just keeps on getting screwed.

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    Mar 2015
    Northern Illinois
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    I can depend on the paper...I can NOT, however, always depend on 📶. 😞
    "There's GOLD in them thar hills! Well...at least a coupla nice Mercs."

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    Jul 2013
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    Well got the letter in the mail how to switch to digital and surprise surprise website will not accept my debit or credit card so I have no access to the digital. I'm definitely done with this magazine.

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    Mar 2010
    Southwest Georgia
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    One concern that hasn't been noted yet is, will the forums go away if the digital magazine doesn't work out?
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    Oct 2016
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    There are other places.

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    Aug 2007
    Western New York
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    What I hate is that you can't download the magazine! If I'm paying for digital I want it on my hard drive to view whenever and wherever I want! Plus I hate the clunky viewer they use. I got a letter in the mail giving me a code to get a free year of digital subscription. I will not be renewing my subscription.


    CTX-3030, Equinox 800


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