Recommendation please
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Thread: Recommendation please

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    May 2014
    Lombard Illinois
    MXT. Grey Ghost HPs, Garret pin point, 6 x 10 DD, 13" Ultimate 15" MAX
    8 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Recommendation please

    Getting back into the hunt soon this spring.
    Looking for advice on which mfr. of detector along with coil type and size.
    Here is what I am going to do.
    Look mainly for coins, jewelry, gold, sliver, nickle copper.
    Mostly in low trash areas, but may then switch to old old parks in and
    around the Chicago land area.
    I had an etrac in the past, did not like the low performance screen.
    Too hard to read in the sunlight.
    I still have my MXT with 6 x 10 DD and Garrett pin-pointer.
    I need a machine that will go deeper and a recommended coil.
    Willing to spend up to $1500.00.
    Is the V3i still a great machine? What about the new mfrs. I never heard of.
    Im out of touch with mfrs and coil technology too.
    Any input will help. Tks Ja
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    Apr 2014
    Whites Spectra V3i, Whites MX5, Whites BH 300, Whites MX Sport, Tek Europro, Tesoro Compadre, Makro Multi Kruzer .......... No longer own....... Etrac, CTX3030, G2, Fisher F4 Tesoro Bandido
    322 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Having never used an MXT I can't really say if the V3i is deeper, but the V3i is still a great machine. To my knowledge the V3i still has the best screen on the market (far superior to the Etrac screen in my experience). Itís still possible that glare will cause issues though.

    I had both the Erac and the CTX 3030 and much prefer the V3i (I sold the Minelabs and kept the V3i). I preferred the balance of the V3i, but mostly it was a matter of finding the V3i much easier to understand (what it was telling me).

    I mostly hunt, for silver coins and jewelry, in really old locations that are typically full of years of trash ó from old iron scraps to modern junk. I use two coils with my V3i ó the stock DD coil and the 4 X 6. I have no use for a larger coil. My deepest coin (so far anyway) was a quarter at a legitimate 12 inches down (stock coil). The soil was fairly sandy and there had been recent rain.

    The V3iís greatest strength can be its biggest weakness ó it all depends upon the user and his/her willingness to learn the machine. I didnít find it a difficult machine to learn (others have) but I spent most of my first year (with the V3i) in stock programs ó making very few changes. Even now I tend not to make a lot of changes ó although I have made my own custom programs that I hunt with ó just a couple of tweaks as conditions demand.

    I know of no other machine that gives the hunter so much information about the target. The analytical options give the user fantastic information ó down to about 6-7 inches. Beyond that depth and it isnít nearly as effective.

    Iím a slow, methodical, hunter. I tend to hunt the same area from multiple directions and I use a slow swing. The recovery can be adjusted on the V3i, but it isnít a machine that will wow you with the recovery speed.

    My one issue with the V3i is its lack of being waterproof. Itís really an issue only in my mind ó and then only because Iím not keen on potentially damaging a $1500 machine. I doubt a few drops of rain would hurt the V3i, but it isnít a chance Iím willing to take.

    Some users have had issues with emi. I havenít had any locations where emi issues couldnít be sufficiently solved by making a few adjustments, but that might not be the case all the time.

    If you decide to go with the V3i, do yourself a huge favor and spend the extra money for the cordless headphones; theyíre worth every penny.

    Short and sweet ó I believe the V3i remains one of the top machines available on the market.

    Other machines you might wish to consider:

    MX Sport ó if you want a waterproof machine. If that doesnít matter, save a bit of money and consider the MX 7. Deep and very sensitive machine. Get the 6 inch coil if you go this route ó itís a dandy. I think the MX Sport is very underrated.

    Nokta Anfibo Multió I havenít used it, but the reports Iíve read are impressive. The stock coil is deep. Impressively so.

    Nokta/Makro Multi Kruzer ó fast, deep. Decent screen. Choose the frequency you want to run in. Cordless headphones are decent (not waterproof though). Machine is waterproof to 16 feet (something like that). The 7 inch coil is fantastic.

    Equinox 800 ó Iíll let someone with experience tell you about it.

    Good luck!!

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    Been there...Dug that

    Mar 2015
    Northern Illinois
    MineLab E-Trac, MineLab Safari, MineLab Explorer XS, White's 5000 D, White's 6DB, White's 5000 D GEB Sunray X-1 for the ML's, Garrett PP for the White's and a Backhoe
    2402 times
    Metal Detecting
    Welcome from North Central Illinois. 🙋 MXT is STILL a pretty good machine. The high end White's are great...but pricey. Too bad one of the best White's dealerships around just closed in your city. 😞 Check out the MineLab Equinox. Somewhat different than the Etrac, lighter, a coin magnet n a beast on the beach. Not as pricey, either. 😁
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    Oct 2012
    864 times
    Metal Detecting
    Keep your MXT.
    The grass isn't greener. Just a different shade.

    Just saved ya 1500 bucks. You're welcome!
    Remember...You are unique. Just like everyone else!

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    Jan 2019
    Minelab Equinox 800 - White's DFX
    64 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I'd recommend you view a bunch of Calabash Digger's YouTube videos. He compares a lot of detectors against each other. I don't know him but I believe he tries to be as unbiased as possible. You can form your own opinion.

    My only personal recommendation is to realize that detectors are electronic instruments. In that industry a device which is only a couple of years old can't compete with newer electronics. I do happen to know a lot about electronics and some of the detectors on the market today are using 10+ year old technology that may have been great at the time, but is very outdated today.

    Many here have their own opinions and I won't dispute them because I don't have experience with a bunch of different machines.

    Best of luck,
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    I tried out a Detech 13" DD last summer from a friend of mine for my MXT, ground balanced it really good, set the MXT up in coin mode, no disc and pulled up a quarter around 12"-13". I feel that's really good around my area, then I turned off the MXT then toggled into lock ( presets GB at 80 ) then turned it back on in coin mode and was still getting deep targets. If I was looking for depth I would buy this coil, but for now, back then, I just wanted to give it a trial run. My club is hoping in the spring to try out the Anfibio mult freq machine.
    Hope this helps
    "Let Thy Hand, Oh God, guide me through the ways Thou seest are needed for those that seek to know Thy way through any effort of mine."

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    May 2014
    Lombard Illinois
    MXT. Grey Ghost HPs, Garret pin point, 6 x 10 DD, 13" Ultimate 15" MAX
    8 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Great info. I will look into this coil. Its depth that I want. I feel many areas still have coins 7"+ and the deeper machines are going to find them.

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    Charter Member
    Jun 2013
    East Tennessee
    6711 times
    IMHO, you likely just need to find the right coil or coils to use on the MXT depending upon the locations you are searching and the soil/ground conditions in these areas. I state this because the MXT is well known for it's relic and coin find capabilities.

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    Charter Member

    Dec 2018
    Carolina Lowcountry
    Nox 800, Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II, Poor ole wore out Fisher 1266 that still finds stuff.
    755 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    You have a good detector. Stay with it.
    You need a larger coil. More coil, more depth.
    It used to be, larger concentric coils coils lost sensitivity to smaller targets.
    The new DD coils are much more sensitive on small targets.
    Buy a 12 inch DD or larger for low trash areas.
    For moderate trashy area: 9 inch coil.
    For high trash area: 6 inch coil.
    Most important: Know how to tune your detector and know what it's telling you.
    If it's old, I'll dig it, dive on it, detect it or sometimes when I get lucky just bend over and pick it up.

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    Paul Martin

    Feb 2015
    Scarborough, England
    Minelab Equinox 600, home made carbon fibre shaft, XP MI-4 Pointer
    230 times
    Beach and Shallow Water Hunting
    Before you buy anything, check out an Equinox.
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    Sep 2015
    Southeast Grundy, Illinois
    EQ600, EQ800 and a Carrot
    3280 times
    Quote Originally Posted by sandmartin View Post
    Before you buy anything, check out an Equinox.
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    "See your doctor if your detector has a detection for more then four hours!"

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    Charter Member
    Aug 2013
    Southern California
    Equinox 800 / XP Deus
    9217 times
    Equinox 800 has several brightness levels for the backlit function. Waterproof, wireless and lightweight.
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    Silver Coin Fiend

    Apr 2014
    XP Deus V3.2 9" & 11" Coils, AT Pro, ProPointer AT, Lesche 55, 75 & 80LT
    16663 times
    Digging In Strangers Front Yards
    Honorable Mentions (1)
    I’ve used a Deus for 4.5 years. Give it a look.

    Good luck.
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    Charter Member
    Gare or Gary

    Dec 2012
    Canton Ohio Area
    1631 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (1)
    White Stash you did not mention your physical situation and age. You might also consider what you can swing for 3 or four hours or more. I am 72 and enjoy swinging my Deus's and they are a TOP of the LINE detector standing second to none
    Only TWO things in the world that spook my horses THINGS THAT MOVE and THINGS THAT DON'T MOVE !!!

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    May 2014
    Lombard Illinois
    MXT. Grey Ghost HPs, Garret pin point, 6 x 10 DD, 13" Ultimate 15" MAX
    8 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    62 with new hip, knees getting tired, can still walk at least 3 miles. so not too bad...



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