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Thread: Cellar full of jars

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    Sep 2017
    S.W. Mo.
    Garrett Ace 250
    194 times
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    Cellar full of jars

    This cellar is on the property I live on and I'd like to clean it out. There's a lot of older Atlas, Mason, and Ball jars up to 1 gallon. How would be the best way to get rid of the junk and broken stuff. I talked with the recycling center about bring pickup loads. They said ok but it would all have to be clean and dry. Some of the full jars are full of nightmares dating back to the 1940's and 50's that I rather not open, smell, or even look at. I wouldn't know what to do with what's in the jars. The floor is a couple of layers deep, some broken some not. What would you do? I hate to leave it like it is but hate the thought of having a bigger mess by trying a clean up.
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    Aug 2009
    New Hampshire
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    The Truth
    dig a hole and bury it.

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    Gare or Gary

    Dec 2012
    Canton Ohio Area
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    If you offer it to bottle collectors maake sure they sign a A not responsible clause first.
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    Lookit Tha Size O' Those Hog-Mollies!!!

    Jan 2009
    SW MO
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    I'll give you 10 bucks to sample the green beans...lol

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    Mar 2018
    148 times
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    The jars that are still in one piece...sort them by size...wash them puppies up and sell them by the box at yard sells...probably make a killing... you would be surprised how many people still can...

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    Oct 2014
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    I bet there is a few collectible jars and bottles in that lot! Take the time to clean and check them out.
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    Jan 2011
    E-Trac, V3i, DFX
    519 times
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    Even common vintage fruit jars are worth a little more if the number 13 is on the bottom. Always check the jar bottom.

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    Nov 2012
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    There are quite a few jars in the batch that will bring you some $$$. I had the same situation once. Several 1/2 gallon fruit jars still full of - stuff. We opened them, put the stuff in a hole and covered it over. Never had an issue with it. Just don't let kids or pets eat it.
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    Sep 2017
    S.W. Mo.
    Garrett Ace 250
    194 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by lairmo View Post
    I'll give you 10 bucks to sample the green beans...lol
    I'll let you sample them for free, you don't need to pay me $10.
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    Mar 2018
    148 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Following info might help you out some...you could be sitting on a "Gold Mine"...literately... Maybe enough to get an Ace 400, Minelab CTX 3030...etc...etc.

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Name:	Ball-logos_550.jpg 
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    Feb 2017
    Georgetown, SC
    Fisher F75
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    That's a cold war era bomb shelter, Dude. They had it stocked for the big one. That mess is like a pile of $2 dollar bills. Clean 'em, sell 'em.
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    Sep 2013
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    I found a jar or three in dirt floor cellars before.
    Granted they were buried.
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    Mar 2018
    148 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Fruit boxes work real good for storage/transport of the canning jars... Couple of years back my wife's cousin gave us somewhere in the neighborhood of ~ 800-1000 canning jars...should be able to find some empty fruit boxes at local farmers market/grocery stores in the area.

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    Aug 2013
    OC, CA
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    5775 times
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    Wear gloves and a dual respirator mask rated for fumes.

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