am i detection to shallow of a depth????
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    Sep 2007
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    am i detection to shallow of a depth????

    as some of you know i use the Garrett GTAX 550 and like most Garrett's they have the depth setting on it. no matter where i am i usually only have it set at 4 1/2 to 5 in. deep. is this too shallow. i was setting it deeper but i it seemed like i was finding larger trash objects at deeper depths when i had it set to say 7-9 inches. i was just wondering what y'all think and whats the best all around setting for that detector.

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    Oct 2006
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    Re: am i detection to shallow of a depth????

    Set that 550 at 12 because its not always accurate.On my 550 coins were missed at 5 inches when i had it set at 9.The 550 will let you know if its iron on the left side of the screen.Swing your metal detector higher over the target if it still picks it up the iron piece is large.Beer cans will give a signal that bounces all over the coin side of your screen.Always hunt in all metal mode because the coin mode will miss signals that are deep.Most buttons will read from the nickel to almost 1 cent.Gold rings will show up between the nickel and pull tab.It takes time to get use to the 550 but dig everything and then you will know your targets.Hope this helped. aa

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    Oct 2006
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    Re: am i detection to shallow of a depth????

    Not familiar with your machine or the settings, but try to set it where it gets 4-5 inches. This is where most coins will be. I wouldn't worry about having a detector set at maximum depth in the first sweep of an area. If anything, you want to get all the surface coins/clad out of the way and hopefully find the easy good coins. After that is where you would want to up the depth/sens on a detector to get the deeper stuff that is left. The more I detect, the more convinced I become that depth is second to getting in between junk.
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    Re: am i detection to shallow of a depth????

    A lot also depends on the hardness of the soil where you are detecting. When I detect parks I find 95% of my coins at around 1"-3" Old homesteads, I go for all the gain the ground conditions will allow.
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