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    Question Two Bottle Questions

    #1) I am trying to determine the approximate year(s) of production of this bottle. The Dr. Pepper is script with a period after Dr / "Good For Life" is block style lettering / The 4 is at the normal 4 location / The face of the 10-2-4 clock is textured. Embossed on the bottom is a very faint LGW (Laurens Glass Works) and below that the numeral 3. I am inclined to think that this could possibly be a 1950's bottle and the 3 could mean 1953. No other markings other than 6 1/2 oz. are on the bottle. Any help in dating this bottle is greatly appreciated.

    #2) I am searching for the name of the town and/or community with a name ending in "Village" located either in Missouri or Maryland that bottled the "Star" Coca-Cola square bottom soda water bottles. I have such a clear, rather than green, bottle and can only decipher the Village and not the first name. On the bottom, along with the location name, it has a 1945 date embossed with the patent information as well. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks!



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