Ammonia, Navel Jelly, Peroxide, And Gasoline, What Next?
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Thread: Ammonia, Navel Jelly, Peroxide, And Gasoline, What Next?

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    Ammonia, Navel Jelly, Peroxide, And Gasoline, What Next?

    Soaked this button in everything I could think of, short of muratic acid.
    It still looks the same as when it came out the ground.
    It is a heavy 1 piece with some gold quilting in a small spot that has been exposed.
    Any suggestions ?
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    If it's old, I'll dig it, dive on it, detect it or sometimes when I get lucky just bend over and pick it up.

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    Try vinegar. I'm assuming it's brass? If you use straight white vinegar be careful and keep an eye on it. I've ruined stuff by throwing it in and forgetting about it. Find it months later and the vinegar is bright green and it will take the oxide off that's for sure. It may take a few tries. Another thing I found that actually works on Iron oxide is Molasses, but I never tried it on Brass to see it it would work, just on steel. I'm surprised ammonia didn't touch it. You can lightly,carefully, go over it with a fiberglass brush, they also have fiberglass pens that are used in electronics. If you get some of that outside hard surface scratched up the acid that you use will work a little better. That is some hard stuff!!!

    When your done you want to neutralize it. baking soda water works. I know people will get all technical about this in other forums about neutralizing, but if you do it with a mixture of baking soda and water, it's better than nothing. If not the acid from the vinegar will keep working at it... or any acid that you use. I may be wrong but I think people use milk to try to neutralize things too...any attempt is better than nothing.

    added.....I've learned that some of this kind of stuff ends up looking better if left alone and some mineral oil(for brass and copper and is sold at the drug store in the laxative section ) rubbed into it. most times it looks shiny, pitted up, and loss of detail when the oxides are removed. But....No one could tell me any different when I had stuff I wanted "clean".
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    Lemon juice baths?

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    Andres Pencils, the tightly compressed 0 grit steel wool one only. It will allow you to “grind” off the verdigris as much or as little as you want. I don’t think a chemical bath will work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pa-dirt_nc-sand View Post
    Andres Pencils, the tightly compressed 0 grit steel wool one only. It will allow you to “grind” off the verdigris as much or as little as you want. I don’t think a chemical bath will work.
    I've been looking at Andres Pencils myself, will probably pull the trigger soon - only about $20 probably plus shipping.
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