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Thread: Request for Prayers for Bonnie, Limitools (Brads) wife.

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    Jan 2014
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeepseekerADS View Post
    Probably very few members here ever had a chance to meet Brad. I'm one of the lucky ones.

    I've met and have known thousands of people. Brad is one of the finest men I've ever met. I'm so sorry about this, he'd lost too much already.

    He needs friends around him now. Father please be there for Brad.

    And Frank, thank you so much for keeping us aware of what's going on.
    I have spoken with Brad many times on the phone, always planned to visit him. Great personality, humor and willingness to help others. He taught me more about archery over the phone, and here on T-net then anyone ever could in person.

    God bless and Thoughts and prayers.

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    Quite the couple , Bonnie and Brad.
    Deep and I did get to meet them a while back. Smiles all around.

    Sometimes a spouse is such a positive anchor for the heart/soul the thought of losing them is overwhelming.
    Such an example here.
    Losing them is a whole nother story.

    huntsman: Let us know if there is a need we can fill. Through P.M. or whatever.
    Understandably I didn't get ahold of Brad but left a message.

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    Jan 2012
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    More prayers going Brad and Bonnie's way. Miracles can happen.
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    Thanks everyone for the outpouring of love and friendship for such wonderful two people and their families during this sorrowful time. I wish that I could be there during this time to lend support to Brad but between Bonnie's kids and grandkids and Brad's kids and grandkids, he is going to have his' hands full with more than a full house of family swarming him and a lot of emotions. When I talked with Brad, I told him that I truly believe that Bonnie started going downhill when Kristi and Carter got killed on I-65 in Franklin, TN in February 2015 and then the pain that she was in from the neck surgery from two years ago along with her back pain, put her in a further downhill spiral with her health. I promise to update everyone on any news as soon as I get it from Brad. I just ask and pray that the TNET family will give Brad as much support as possible because he is going to need all the support he can get. He tries to put on a brave face but he is hurting now, just like he was hurting when Kristi and Carter were killed because I heard it in his voice when I talked with him and once Bonnie does pass, he is going to hurt so much more. When things are a little less hectic and less overwhelming for Brad, it is my hopes to travel back out to Centerville just to show him support and let him know that I am there if he ever needs me but won't stay long unless he asks me to.

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    Prayers said for Brad and his wife Bonnie at this most difficult time. God's Speed to their entire family.
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    She is in my prayers. Hoping for the best.
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    Prayers sent up for Bonnie & Brad & family....

    There's just no words to express the heaviness of the heart....

    I'm so sorry for the rough road, having to be traveled at this time.
    Yesterday is history, tomorow a mystery. All we have is the here and now, it's a special gift. That's why we call it "The Present"

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    Prayers said.
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    prayers sent and said
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    Limitool, you could praise the Lord you get time to say goodbye.

    My condolences. Just hoping you can count your blessing in these sad times.
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    In God We Trust

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    Mar 2013
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    Right now I do NOT think any of us should be advising Brad = we have no idea, but we embrace him as a good man, a wonderful human, and a true friend

    Really, if we are truthful about our individual selves, we'd lay down everything just like Brad did, and we'd climb all those ruins in front of us to give comforts to good friends.

    Nothing else matters anymore. My ABSOLUTE HORROR is the loss of my children, Father take me first.
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    Very sorry to hear about this Limitool. I second DeepseekerADS' post. I don't know what else to do.
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    Just like Texas in 1880.

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    Jun 2013
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    I am sorry but I have not heard from Brad today, so there is update on Bonnie's condition.
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    Prayers sent for Bonnie and Brad.
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    Mar 2014
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    Brad, You and your family are in our(The wife and I) thoughts and prayers!!

    I too have had the pleasure of laughing with Brad on the phone a few times...Great guy!!! My heart just sank when I saw the post. I can't even imagine......Don't even know what to say...
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