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Thread: Minelab ctx 3030

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    A-Team = Reasearch and Recovery Team. If you don’t care about the past generations of centuries ago, then your current thought of today will always be incomplete, it all matters folks.

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    Whites DFX, Notka Makro Simplex. Folks the price don’t mean everything, the question is are you willing to put in the time to learn the machine, experience will pay off I guarantee it.
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    Minelab ctx 3030

    Is this machine the real deal unbiased opinion, over hyped or simple hands down better than whites v3i and others. You guys and ladies use these machines, I understand you have to get to understand to get the full advantage of owning it. Anyhow give us the run down
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    Better idea, why dont you go to the CTX subforum and spend a day reading there.
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    From what I've read and heard, it's a high end machine, but it's response time isn't as good as the Equinox and it's heavy.

    There are also rumors that it's replacement will be announced/released later this year.

    I would never buy one new, but you can probably get a used one for half price given the popularity of the Equinox.

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    My friend has one and he is hands down the best detectorist I know. I think luck plays a part too. I think it's not an easy machine to learn but it's a really good one!

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    CTX 3030 is a great detector, while its processor is slower than the Equinox, the 3030 will tell you how many targets are under your coil and which ones are conductive and which are ferrous when you turn on Target Trace, Equinox will not do that. 3030 gives a lot more info and more target ID numbers than the Equinox as well. They are both good detectors, just 2 different detectors. I also own both myself.
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