Is there any gold on the coast or next to the ocean anywhere?
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Thread: Is there any gold on the coast or next to the ocean anywhere?

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    Jul 2019
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    Is there any gold on the coast or next to the ocean anywhere?

    So heres the scoop. Im about to move onto a sailboat and cruise the east coast , maybe down thru the Caribbean and south America. Im trying to figure out if I should bring my little portable sluice box, or if its not worth it, and just bring my pans. I have a underwater metal detector for pirate treasure . Every pound counts on a boat. I dont want to bring a extra feather if I dont need it. I dont plan on going to far inland anywhere I go, so any gold I could pan or sluice for would have to be within a mile or less of the beach.
    So does anyone know of any areas in the Atlantic coast, or Caribbean sea, Or Gulf of Mexico for that matter, that the gold is found right by the coast? Should I just stick with the pans, or would I regret it later? I could always bring the riffles and the fabric and make my own if I found a productive place, and just leave the frame home....
    What are everyones thoughts.

    A list of what I am bringing...2 person 12 volt hookah rig from hookah max, Excaliber II that came with a 10 inch coil, dive gear of course, two gold pans, a holy scoop , I dont have a pin point detector, not sure Im going to get one, unless those of you that do alot of underwater stuff think I really should...would be interested in suggestions too if so. I can go straight off the sailboat, butg I also have a 10 foot inflatable with a outboard that the hookah can go in, with a battery of course (I mean a battery I bring from the boat) Thats about it I think...Please let me know if Im forgetting anything.
    Im so excited to do this. Ive worked on boats all my life, I had two opportunities to work on two treasure hunting boats, and neither went thru.Both because the owners were waiting for permits or repairs and I didnt want to wait around. Im going to be cruising with the best staying where its early 70s temp, but other than that, I would just as well travel to possible ship wreck sites, than travel to tourist destinations. The boat is absolutely able to circle the world, its a Tayana 37. So if anyone is interested in shipwreck hunting Id love to chit chat about it. Im not a diver, I did the padi thing years ago, Im a great swimmer. Thankfully most shipwrecks are shallow..Id really like to stay in 10 feet of water or less, course as I get more accustomed to it Im sure Ill go deeper. Ive heard there are hundreds or wrecks off the dry tortugas that you can see, but you cant touch them as its a national park. I know there used to be a guy down in south florida, I think it was jupiter inlet that found a wreck and was finding stuff daily, then of course theres Mel Fishers group , and a number of others Im sure. Ive met a number of people that have found canons and stuff here and there. I dont know..I guess some people get the gold fever looking thru creeks, I get it imagining ship wrecks. I will also metal detect popular beaches , mostly for practice to get to know the detector, and just something to do.
    OK, sorry to ramble Im open to any and all suggestions.
    Capt James
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    May 2005
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    you probably need to make a list of the countries you will visit, and their laws on foreigners panning streams belonging to others
    "permissions" may not mean too much as you will have little idea of who the actual owner is, and a local can say yes just to watch you

    is there gold on the beaches ? sure, in some spots
    there is a local beach where 500+ miners worked daily, lots of black sand but they would sack the relatively undisturbed muddy/superfine material exposed at very low tide (2 tides, the lower one) and then pan the material, lots of gold, lots

    as tourists (with stamped passports) you would probably get a warning before deportation
    this beach is a tourist goal, big wave break, with multi-million $ houses covering the hills above; doubt you could work even once

    have a fun trip, visit and get to know a local; with an invitation you should have no problems
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    May 2005
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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Dog View Post
    I have access to a Satellite that picks up unusual magnetic anomalies. Give me roundabout coastal city you are near when you get near it and I'll send you MGRS cord. to hunt. Get a good handgeld GPS. What you are looking for are app. 5 miles apart and sometimes deep. Not many detectors can go 10 -15 feet deep. Look for any group of mangroves struck by lightning more than once or get you a good camera on bottom of boat and look for it is the easiest. You would be tired after shaking a stick at all the conglomerates on EITHER side of Florida's coast.
    suggest you read a bit on this site

    what is the relationship between magnetic anomalies and gold ? (the world awaits . . . . )
    mags go far deeper than you will dig

    "Look for any group of mangroves struck by lightning more than once or get you a good camera on bottom of boat and look for it is the easiest."
    this qualifies as the most ignorant post on TN
    mangroves grow in dirty water, what is the camera for ?
    how do you get your boat into the mangroves ?
    are you suggesting that mangroves + lightning indicates gold ?

    please, do some reading - then make a offer of assistance

    edit: cannot restrain myself
    mangroves - I guess you have seen some ?
    they grow in tidal zones, so at best you have 3' of absolute muck at low tide and 3' under water at high tide
    I cannot imagine the difficulty in traversing a mile of these trees, let alone excavation
    mangroves grow in muck, no bottom, never on rock - so where would any gold be ?
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    The eastern (native) gold belt runs from Alabama through Georgia and up the east coast all the way to Prince Edward Island. That said, it is on the eastern slope (piedmont) of the Appalachian Mountain chain and at least 100 miles inland. The closest it comes to the ocean is going to be in Maine, Nova Scotia and farther north. If you are limiting yourself to a mile or two, those would be the options.

    As far as operating in the water goes I believe Maryland and Delaware strictly prohibit even looking in the water (ocean) for shipwreck materials. I know Delaware does. Most east coast states have similar rules.

    Coin Beach, Delaware, does still produce shipwreck coins (mainly KG II and KG III coppers), right now it is sanded in.
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    May 2005
    Drake, Costa Rica
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    thread title: Is there any gold on the coast or next to the ocean anywhere?

    SD, my silence is not concurrence

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    Super_Dog. If you have nothing of value to add then this topic is not for you. Plenty of other topics to explore.
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    Please read our rules and enjoy the site. Rules

    All finds posted by me are from private property with landowner permission.

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    There is likely lots of Gold off many areas off the east coast States where Gold deposits and placers have been found. However, the Gold has been washed down the rivers into the Atlantic Ocean for many millions of years and is now covered by many trillions of metric tons of sediment and some in deep waters. FYI, there were many volcanoes along and East of the Appalachians and the Piedmont that were 5 to 6 miles tall in height some 100 million years ago and now the mountains generally range from 2,000 to 6,000 feet in elevation (height) with the highest being Mount Mitchell at 6,684 feet. That is a lot of erosion and displacement which now sits on top of the lower elevations downstream and the ocean floor off the East Coast. While it is possible that you might find Gold in your expected travels, you would have much more luck finding Gold if sailing up the West coasts of South, Central and North America.
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    Puerto Rico has gold. The Dominican Republic has gold and silver but I would not recommend eating or drinking anything there!

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    Jul 2019
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    All along the Fl coast (both sides) the rich come to play and lose their gold. A certain beach, low tide and you may find some. You will just have to compete with the rest of us...
    Looking for a hunting buddy in or around Deltona Fl.



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