Is it awesome finding your first piece of jewelry ?
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Thread: Is it awesome finding your first piece of jewelry ?

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    Aug 2019
    Bounty Hunter quick draw pro
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    Is it awesome finding your first piece of jewelry ?

    Like a ring or a gold necklace?

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    Jun 2014
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    It's always sweet digging gold or silver no matter what form it comes in.
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    Jul 2019
    Binghamton NY
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    It is...I've only ever land hunted, mostly old homes, and have only found one piece of good jewelry - a gold wedding band. It was fairly shallow, at the base of a tree, and had a date in it that made it generations older than the homeowners. See, I still remember!
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    Dec 2014
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    Its awesome rather its your 1st 5th or 100th. Digging gold or silver jewelry never gets old.

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    May 2012
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    Aren't all firsts awesome?
    (Granted a first thousandth pull tab may not be....)
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    May 2018
    Athens Georgia
    Garret AT pro
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    My first is what got me hooked on detecting.

    My dad and his friend were hanging out and we had just looked at this guys amazing collection of finds. He showed us his metal detector and was like "I've found all this stuff but my wife lost her engagement ring in the garden years ago and I've never been able to find it." So of course me and my brother have to try it out. "He was like sure kids just quit botherin me and your dad." I don't think we even had a shovel, we were digging with a stick and the signal disappears, lo and behold the ring was around the stick we were using to dig with. he couldn't believe it. Now that I look back on it I should have charged a finders fee....

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    Oct 2014
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    Digging jewelry is always fun and never gets old. Finding gold rings and necklaces can be quite valuable. Good Luck on your hunts!

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    Dec 2015
    Ann Arbor
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    Firsts are always great it seems like a first every time zi find gold or silver just as happy
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    Sep 2013
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    I remember the first time I found a gold ring. The woman who lost it approached me while I was detecting. She lost it at the volleyball sand pit.
    It took me 5 minutes to find it.
    It made her grateful and made me realize how productive sand locations are for treasure!
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    Dec 2012
    lower hudson valley, N.Y.
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    Well, finding anything gold is always a thrill and silver is fine too. But 95% of all rings I have found have been costume jewelry or kids rings and those can almost make one cry. Most silver rings are only worth a few bucks used, I'd rather dig a nice silver coin or a large cent than a silver ring, ditto on silver chains.
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    I think it's awesome to dig your first "anything" ! I can still remember my first piece of jewelry, my first silver coin, and my first token.

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    Jan 2012
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    Everyone of them is awesome like most others have said - my first gold i gave to my mother - she wore it for yrs - that was in 1976
    this is one years worth (2012)

    AND some are little more exciting than others
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