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Thread: Frozen Shoulder and its not even Winter!

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    Sep 2018
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    Try looking into acupuncture. It may help. You don't have to believe in it or understand it for it to work and there are no side effects from it. I have an injury in my foot that comes and goes. Sometimes I will be at the point of limping. I get a needle in the palm of my hand for a few minutes and the pain is gone. The thing that a lot of people can't deal with is that they expect it to work instantly. Sometimes it takes multiple treatments and time just like medicine. Some insurances do cover it. It's worth a look as it could help.
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    So far over the past month I have seen vast improvement in my mobility. Every day all day long I push myself to reach and stretch in different positions and I now have at least 50% more mobility over this time last month. I don’t know if I will ever get full mobility back but if my present condition were as good as I will ever get I would be happy!

    Thanks for all the encouragement everyone.
    I’m back and I’m swinging again!
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    My wife just went through Frozen Shoulder. It usually doesn't require surgery, but she went through several months of physical therapy. I've never had it, but I know that it's incredibly painful.
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    I had it 15 or 20 years ago was affecting my work as a crane operator ,my doctor gave me a cortisone shot in the shoulder and I’ve not been bothered since, good luck!

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    I know how they fix it,.........

    Yes I have heard of such a thing,......

    And to Smokeycat,......

    Frozen shoulder is treatable but I forget what they do anymore.
    They strap you down to a stainless steel table, inject the shoulder muscles with muscle relaxers,...
    And they perform "Forced Manipulations"
    That is to say, they wrench the shoulder around in every direction to rip, tear, and disconnect the scar tissue that has locked the joint up.

    Its like this,.....

    You injure your shoulder.
    You take it easy on it for a good long while.
    The body will defend and protect an injured joint by disabling it, doing its best to immobilize it.
    It does that by building up scar tissue.
    That will eventually "Lock Up" the joint altogether.

    The best is proper treatment of the joint.
    Lacking that, (lacking the money to fix it properly), "Don't Stop Using It!!"
    Don't stress it, don't abuse it, use it the little you can, bit by bit, and try to keep it active.

    If you baby it, put it in a sling, drive with one hand, put it in your lap at every opportunity,......
    "Frozen Shoulder" is a very predictable result.

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    Dec 2005
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    I had a frozen shoulder around 8 years ago. Originally it was rotator cuff damage which led to frozen shoulder. I couldn't even touch my belt loop on my right side. I went to orthopedic surgeon had x-rays and MRI of shoulder. He gave me two options, surgery or physical therapy (pt). After doing a little research I found an article in a medical journal that was published by a Japanese study. It showed that after a couple years the outcome from surgery and from physical therapy was practically the same. So I elected physical therapy. So the doctor said either I can go to a PT or do the PT at myself at home. I did one session in the PT clinic where the physical therapist showed me the exercises and stretches I need to do. So every day I would do the therapy and within a week I saw improvement. It took a couple of weeks of daily therapy before I could reach behind my back or raise my hand above my head. By one month I had 98% mobility as on my right side. After 8 years, I do sometimes have a slightly sore shoulder if I hyper extend it or over work it. But I am glad I didn't elect to have surgery, friends I know that had surgery have the same problem years like like I do now.


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